About the B.U.G.


Everyone here feels it's their Hope. Together we celebrate diversity, and together we share in defining Hope.


Even when we don't agree, we work to understand each other better and move forward. We disagree well. We can respectfully discuss emotional and consequential issues.


We extend our best to each other and we believe the best of one another. We strive to foster a culture of trust and accountability. Our culture is free from threat, intimidation, gossip and retaliation. People always have someone they can turn to for help.

Has a cute little bug found its way to your office?

Congratulations! Your BUGiness has been noticed and appreciated.

Someone has spotted you in the act of spreading a BUG virtue. You've been the person someone could turn to with a difficult issue. You've been found to disagree yet still respect a colleague or coworker. You've done something small or large to make it clear to colleagues, staff or students that this is their Hope, that they belong and their perspective is valued.

What do you do now?

Let us know where your bug has landed!

We want to make sure these bugs keep flying. Send us your bug's location and, while you're at it, see where your bug has been.

Now it's your turn!

To thrive your bug needs to fly. Use your BUG eyes to find another faculty or staff member exuding BUG virtues. BUG them and let them know that their kind words or extra effort at understanding have been both noticed and appreciated. Please include a short note letting the recipient know what they've done to be BUGed.

But I want to keep my bug!

Aren't they cute? We've got you covered. These bugs must fly to survive, but they have close cousins that like to sit as paperweights. Here's the deal — when you log your bug, we will track your email address. While others won't see this detail, periodically throughout the semester we will use this list of bug recipients to conduct a drawing. Keep this bug moving, keep tracking bug movement, and you could be the worthy recipient of your own buggy paperweight.