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Culture Action Team

The Culture Action Team (CAT) is comprised of 32 campus leaders who are excited about the implementation and action of Hope’s 18-month Belonging, Understanding, Grace culture approach.

More about “Belonging, Understanding, Grace”

For more information, please reach out to any of the team members listed below or to Sonja Trent-Brown. The CAT is comprised of six action teams.

Action Teams

Processes and Policies

Defined and official processes and policies that guide work, resources and decisions; includes potential ombudsman or whistleblower system.

Team Members

  • Aaron Schantz*
  • Reagan Chesnut
  • Andie Near
  • Liz Sharda
Recognition and Appreciation

Hope College is committed to a belonging, grace and understanding culture approach. The CAT Recognition and Appreciation team is focused on highlighting and recognizing our colleagues in their efforts and work in facets of equity, inclusion, social justice and general culture at Hope. It is important to acknowledge these efforts and the positive change they create in the llives of Hope students, faculty and staff.

How can you help? Help us highlight, recognize and celebrate culture champions at Hope by nominating a culture champion

Team Members

  • Paul Willard
  • Rachel Bishop*
  • Sonja Glover
  • Sara Baar
  • Carla Bos
Public Events

Forums, fishbowls, panel discussions and the like that are both about culture itself but also serve as models for how to talk about difficult topics in respectful, loving ways.

Team Members

  • Sherman LaBarge
  • Rachel Spooner
  • Albino Rios
  • Charles Mason*

Formal learning opportunities for leaders and teams in areas that could improve culture.

Team Members

  • Henry Chen
  • Mandy Zawila*
  • Dina Matchinsky
  • Roger Baumann
  • Elizabeth Council
Culture Resources for Engaging Work units (CREW)

Facilitation for work units and multiple work units that want to improve culture, relationships and collaboration.

Team Members

  • Scott VanderStoep
  • Tom Sura*
  • Zoe Abadi
  • Nick Duthler
  • Jennifer Daldos
Culture Communication and Engagement

Engaging all Hope employees in the work and events of the culture action team, as well as how individuals can take individual action to improve culture and grace/understanding/belonging.Team Members

  • Dana Krol*
  • Elexis Taylor
  • Rajean Wolters
  • Alexandra Lewis

* Asterisks indicate team facilitators.

Previous Work
Timeline for Culture Action TeamsPhase 1: Planning Cycle 1
June–August 2020
  • Determine plans for execution phase 1
  • Clarify roles on team
  • Determine resource needs
  • Communicate with other teams
  • Attend CAT team meetings

Phase 2: Execution Phase 1
September–December 2020

  • Begin the work with something visible to campus in September
  • Execute!
  • Adjust resources if needed

Phase 3: Planning Cycle 2
December 2020

  • Assess results and lessons learned
  • Plan for the following spring

Phase 4: Execution Phase 2
January–May 2021

  • Execute!

Phase 5: Celebration/Next Chapter
May 2021

  • Celebrate progress
  • Communicate overall results and progress to campus
  • Thank people
  • Determine who will continue with CAT and get new members