/ Financial Aid

Professional Judgment

We understand that students and families may experience financial changes that are not reflected on the FAFSA. In these instances, a student may submit documentation for a professional judgment review. 

Special Circumstances

If you have a reduction in income from the tax year reported on the FAFSA, you may ask for a review of your financial situation. Examples of special circumstances include income loss due to employment changes, death of parent or divorce/separation after filing the FAFSA. Each request is reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Unusual Circumstances

Unusual circumstances are when a student is unable to contact a parent or where contact with the parent poses a risk to the student. Examples of unusual circumstances include human trafficking, legally granted refugee or asylum status, parental abandonment or estrangement, and student or parental incarceration.

  • Students with unusual circumstances will be granted provisional independent status and can complete the FAFSA form without providing parental information.
  • A financial aid administrator will make the final determination of a student’s unusual circumstances based on the information and documentation that the student submits to the school.
  • If a school approves a student’s unusual circumstances, their independent student status will remain as long as the student stays at the same school and their circumstances don’t change.