/ Intramurals

COVID-19 Safety Requirements

Intramural offerings this fall will adhere to medium- to high-risk activity requirements as adopted by our Hope College Athletic Department, the MIAA and NCAA. 


  • All participants must have participated in college’s COVID-19 baseline testing and have a negative result before participation in any activity will be allowed.
  • Complete the student-athlete COVID-19 daily health wellness self-screening process.
  • Have student ID present during attendance each evening of play or participation (no exceptions).
  • Wash hands thoroughly prior to that evenings activities within view of supervisor and after completing the activity or game as well (hand sanitizer will be provided by Hope College staff).
  • No one from outside the campus population will be allowed to be associated with each evenings activity. This includes spectators.

Requirements for play and participation

All intramural activities will be considered (Medium to High Risk Activities)

  • For outdoor sports, the full team or participants may participate as long as 6’ spacing is maintained at all times and the total gathering size adheres to state, local and college guidelines for outdoor gatherings — no contact will be allowed.
  • For indoor sports, 6' spacing must be maintained at all times and the total gathering size must adhere to state, local, and college guidelines for indoor gatherings — no contact will be allowed.
  • No locker room use, athletes/participants must dress at home and come prepared to play. Only bathrooms will be available at or near facilities and fields of play. 
  • Face coverings are mandatory
    • All participants, spectators and intramural personnel will be required to wear face coverings at all times once they arrive each evening. This includes when activity is happening and during play.   
    • All participants, spectators and intramural personnel should maintain 6’ physical distancing at all times.
    • All participants, spectators and intramural personnel will wear face coverings during play and when at rest or watching each activity.
    • Assigned seating or areas of rest or viewing will be in place for each evenings activities.
  • Water breaks and water bottles will be the responsibility of the individual and sharing of drinks will not be allowed.
    • Everyone must bring their own water bottles
    • No sharing of water or other drink will be allowed
  • Shared equipment will be properly sanitized before each evenings activities, after each game/session and after each contest evening by intramural staff. This may be done more frequently depending on the nature of contact throughout the evening.
  • Meetings and gatherings of teams and participants should follow college guidelines of maintaining 6' spacing at all times.