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Awards and Recognition

The Provost and Deans’ Council present a number of awards to faculty and staff for excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and contribution to the college’s global mission.

Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Award

The Janet L. Andersen award recognizes specific activities or aspects of teaching, rather than generic “effective teaching,” but the emphasis is still on recognizable excellence. Examples of specific activities include effectiveness in the use of collaborative learning in the classroom or through service learning or mentoring (either of student or of faculty colleagues).


Any member of the continuing faculty with a minimum of seven years of full-time teaching experience is eligible for this award

The nominator will explain the specific basis for the nomination and provide evidence for teaching excellence and examples of specific activities or techniques that foster student learning.

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Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award

This award recognizes those that exhibit the intercultural courage exemplified by Motoichiro Oghimi, one of Hope's first international students. It is given to a faculty or staff member who exemplifies:

  • Deep engagement with that part of the Hope College mission that calls us to prepare students for leadership and service in a global society
  • Bold risk-taking in creating new ways and opportunities to help students engage people, places and cultures different from their own
  • Engagement in global initiatives that go above and beyond his/her normal responsibilities


The nominator should provide evidence that the above criteria.

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Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Award

This award is given to a faculty member who is first a superior teacher and who also contributes significantly in some other area of professional life: as a research scholar, as a guide in student activities (theater, music, sports, sciences), as an administrator or as a representative of the college in the community.


Full-time faculty in any discipline at Hope are eligible for this award regardless of years of service.

The nominator should provide evidence of superior teaching and examples of significant contributions in other areas of professional life.

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Provost’s Award for Service to the Academic Program

This award is given to individuals who serve the academic program in special ways and enable others to accomplish their work with excellence.


All faculty, administrators and staff members are eligible for nomination.

The nominator should describe the specific ways in which the candidate has served the academic program. Service may have occurred in the past, not necessarily just in the current or previous academic year.

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Excellence in Advising Award

This award recognizes excellence in academic advising and celebrates the investment and dedication that advisors devote to their advisees.


Any member of the faculty or staff with an academic advising load is eligible for this award, though the award recognizes that advising happens formally and informally, as well as within and outside of a classroom or office.

The nominator will offer specific examples that demonstrate the advisor helping advance their advisees through some aspect(s) of the three main areas of advising. These areas include advisors working with students in support of student:

  1. Self-understanding of strengths, interests, and the exploration of academic and professional goals
  2. Academic planning including class registration, monitoring academic requirements and encouraging well informed decision making
  3. Seeing the big picture and providing a context for learning through encouraging student engagement, helping students identify the logic and relationships of the curriculum, and offering personal feedback and advice

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Nominations for awards are due in November. Awards are presented at the Faculty Recognition Luncheon in January. Nominees who have not previously received awards may be re-nominated.

Faculty Recognition Luncheon

Hope College honors faculty and staff members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during the Faculty Recognition Reception coordinated by the Provost’s Office and held in January.

2022 luncheon and award winners