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Third-Year Review

Typically during your third year as a full-time faculty member, your dean, chair and colleagues at Hope will provide useful feedback through a third-year/pre-promotional review so you can better fulfill your responsibilities and create a framework for professional development.

Tenure Track Faculty

Policy Statement

  1. The individual will submit a self-evaluation and supporting materials, due to the dean mid-February of the second semester of the third year. This material will serve as the annual self-evaluation and the third-year self-evaluation.
  2. The dean will meet with the tenured members of the department to discuss the individual’s performance and prospects for favorable tenure review three years hence.
  3. The chair will write his/her assessment of the candidate.
  4. The dean and the chairperson will then meet with the faculty person under review to discuss the review process, to affirm the faculty member and commend the faculty member for what is going well. If there are any areas which call for improvement, the dean will suggest recommendations for such improvement.
  5. After this meeting, the dean will write up the review document and submit it to the person under review and to the department chairperson. The review document will be concerned with the performance of the faculty member in the areas of teaching, advising, scholarship and/or community and commitment to the goals and purposes of the college. The conclusion of the document will consist of recommendations for improvement in areas where thought necessary.
  6. If the chairperson and/or the faculty member disagree with the review document, the dean will hold further discussions with them and come to an agreement on the document, if possible. The dean has the right, after that discussion, to submit the document to the provost whether the faculty member and/or chair agree with the dean’s statement or not. Copies of the document will go to the provost, the chairperson, and the faculty member. The chair is entitled to submit a separate statement to the provost if needed.
  7. The review document will become part of the notebook submitted by the chair when the recommendation for tenure is made.
  8. The review document should be submitted to the provost before the end of the second semester of the third year.
  9. The provost will write the faculty member stating his/her response to the dean’s recommendation.
Instructional Track Faculty

Policy Statement

The purpose of the pre-promotion review for instructional faculty is to provide useful feedback for faculty so they can better fulfill their professional responsibilities. It is also designed to provide a framework for professional development. Instructional faculty (Faculty Handbook) will be evaluated using the following procedures:

  1. Typically in the first semester of the third year of a full-time appointment, the dean will request a self-evaluation and supporting materials from the faculty member. To complete the process in a timely manner, the materials should be turned into the dean by mid-February of the second semester of the third year, unless otherwise arranged. The self-evaluation will focus on responsibilities for which the faculty member has been hired.
  2. In preparation for this review, the dean will consult members of the campus community who have worked with the faculty member.
  3. The dean’s office will coordinate administration of course evaluations in the two semesters leading up to the preparation of the self-evaluation.
  4. The chairperson and the dean will review the faculty member’s materials.
  5. The dean and the chairperson will then meet with the faculty member under review to discuss the content of the self-evaluation.
  6. After this meeting, the dean will prepare a performance review and share it with the faculty member and the provost.

NOTE: All term faculty remain on one-year appointments (unless otherwise noted in the initial contract) regardless of the length or status of the third-year review process described in this document.