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Instructional Inclusivity Incentive Program (3IP)


To increase inclusive teaching and learning practices among faculty by providing support to inter-divisional teams of instructors and enhancing a community of teaching-scholars. 


Faculty teams of three instructors set a goal for inclusive teaching practices. These may be active strategies or reading/reflection activities. The strategy or reflection can be innovative or based on best practices, and it can be small or large in scale. The group will present their findings — what worked and did not — or insights to the larger campus community.

Group structure

Teams are composed of three instructors; two divisions must be represented; at least one faculty member should be in years 1–4.


Teams are allocated up to $800 for this innovation project. This money can be used to purchase supplies, gain access to resources or provide experiences for students. Requests for purchases can be made through the Provost’s Office (up to the $800 per team limit).


To register, each team must upload the faculty names, a title of their project, a brief description (100 words or less) and a list of their resources (e.g., references) into the application on the Provost’s website. Applications will be received on a rolling basis. Teams will be contacted to set up a time to share their results with the broader campus community in a 30-minute workshop or discussion session, plus a 15-minute interaction Q&A. These workshops will be recorded for access to the larger Hope community.