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Hope Daily Guidelines

What belongs (or doesn’t belong) in Hope Daily?

Hope Daily content should be directly related to Hope College news and events only. This can include announcements, opportunities, policies and campus governance updates.

Information shared in Hope Daily must come from current Hope College faculty or staff members. Student groups wishing to share announcement and event details may do so through their group advisor.

Political opinions, product promotions from non-Hope College owned entities, editorialization regarding campus policies, events or groups, and explicit material will not be distributed. 

Submissions to Hope Daily may occasionally be edited for clarity and length. A single news item may be shared no more than two (2) times. Items may be declined at the discretion of Public Affairs and Marketing.

Messages of an urgent nature will still be distributed as necessary and separately from “Hope Daily.” These could include Clery Act timely warnings, safety notices, unplanned technology outages, and unplanned changes to building access or services. Urgent messages will be distributed at the discretion of Public Affairs and Marketing.

As of August 2022, messages to students will not be distributed through the Hope Daily framework. Emails directed to all students must be sent through “This Week at Hope.” Public Affairs and Marketing reserves the right to edit and decline messages to “This Week at Hope” at their discretion.

To contact groups of students via email, use student mail manager through the Registrar's Office.