/ Student Development

Faculty, Staff and Student Responsibilities

Faculty/staff leader responsibilities

The faculty/staff leader role is one of significant importance. In order for the coordination and execution of the off-campus program to be successful it will be key that the program leader understand and complete the following list of responsibilities.

  1. A faculty/staff leader will accompany all off-campus programs that include students.
  2. In advance of departure, conduct an appropriate location specific orientation program for all participants (see Orientation guidelines)
  3. Contact the Health Center for a Travel Report for your program's location and communicate to all students participating that they need to contact the Health Center for the necessary immunizations.
  4. Review medical/mental health forms and meet with student(s) regarding any concerns and have a written plan of action as needed.
  5. Consult with the Health Center and/or Counseling and Psychological Services Office on all medical and/or psychological conditions that impact students traveling with you.
  6. Ensure that all students have completed the necessary Risk and Responsibility forms and/or educational learning content with Terra Dotta.  Or for a short term trip or event, turn the completed forms into the Student Development Office 3 days prior to travel.
  7. For International programs, carry copies of the front page of all passports and any necessary visas.
  8. Notify the college in the event of an itinerary change and/or emergency within the group or location of program.
  9. Follow and use the Recommended Procedures for Emergency Notification (posted above).

    NOTE: The program leader has the authority to determine if a student’s behavior warrants termination from the program at the student’s expense.

Student Responsibilities 

As a participant in an off-campus study program or event sponsored by the college, the student must understand and complete the following list of responsibilities.

  1. The student must complete all Risk and Responsibility forms.
    1. Eligibility to Participate
    2. Assumption of Risk and Release
    3. Medical and Mental Health History Form
    4. Student Off-Campus Program Responsibilities
  2. Student is required to maintain good standing after a program accepts them. This means that they must maintain good academic standing as well as good social standing.
  3. Student must obtain all required and recommended immunizations for travel, as determined by the Health Center.
  4. Student must attend all required on-campus orientation session(s).
  5. Student is expected to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities as planned by the faculty/leader. Examples include but are not limited to: attending exhibits, conferences, research opportunities and travel as arranged by faculty/leader.