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Student Activities Committee

We are the students. We find ways for you to get involved.

TheSAC logo Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a body of students whose primary function is to plan, organize and oversee the student activities for the Hope College student body. We are committed to offering a variety of opportunities every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night throughout the school year.

SAC is one of the cornerstone groups of Hope College, and one of the premier student activities committees in the nation.

Check out this semester's line-up:

Student Activities Committee Directors
  • Advisor: Teagan Quinnell
  • Director of Events: Maddie Jannusch
  • Director of Events: Ellie LaMotte 
  • Director of Culture and Inclusion: Aurore Shima
  • Director of Logistics: Mackenzie Williams
  • Director of Marketing: Sophie Lupini