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2002 ISTE NETS Distinguished Achievement Award Winner
Hope College, Holland, Michigan

ISTE Nets Distinguished Achievement Award

Ed 360 - Secondary Principles and Methods

360 Secondary Principles -- A study of secondary schools, with particular emphasis on principles and purposes. In conjunction with the various content-area methods courses, this course is designed to prepare students for teaching in middle schools and junior or senior high schools. When possible, students should schedule their content-area methods courses concurrently with this course. Three Credits.

361 Secondary Principles Field Placement - This 25-30 hour pre-student teaching placement is structured so students are in area secondary schools one to two hours every day for five weeks during the middle of the semester. One Credit


Professional Preparation Profile & Artifacts

Professional Preparation Performance Profile-NETS for Teachers
Prior to the culminating student teaching or internship experience, prospective teachers will:
1. Identify the benefits of technology to maximize student learning and facilitate higher order thinking skills. (I,III)
Discussion, field placement on-site evaluation, and final paper on field placement
2. Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate use of technology for teaching and learning while using electronic resources to design and implement learning activities. (II,III,V,VI)
X Technology evaluation in field placement
3. Identify technology resources available in schools and analyze how accessibility to those resources affects planning for instruction. (I,II)
X Technology evaluation in field placement
5. Plan for management of electronic instructional resources within a lesson design by identifying potential problems and planning for solutions. (II)
X Final paper on field placement
6. Identify specific technology applications and resources that maximize student learning, address learner needs, and affirm diversity. (III,VI)
X Final paper on field placement
7. Design and teach technology enriched learning activities that connect content standards with student technology standards and meet diverse needs of students. (II,III,IV,VI)
X Technology demonstration, Acumen, PowerPoint, Interactive Websites PowerPoint, Students Presenting to Professor, Computer keyboard, Web page to learn French, Curriculum website search
9. Plan and teach student-centered learning activities and lessons in which students apply technology tools and resources. (II,III)
X Field placement setting.
12. Examine multiple strategies for evaluating technology-based student products and the processes used to create those products. (IV)
X Technology demonstrations
22. Identify issues related to equitable access to technology in school, community, and home environments. (VI)
X Observation in field placement