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The courses you take in the Department of Education depend on which track (grade band for elementary) and specialty you choose. Most courses include a field/clinical experience as part of the course requirements. From your first course as a freshman through your final course during your senior year and ending with your student teaching — you will have actual, hands on, classroom experience. This is what makes our program unique!

We advise you to meet with an education professor your freshman year to discuss your future dreams and plans about teaching in order to plan the right classes. Below are the professors’ names organized by type of certification. 

Education Department Advisors by Type of Certification

Elementary Education
faculty Specialty
Dr. Susan Brondyk Social Studies
Dr. Yooyeun Hwang English Language Arts
Dr. Eric Mann Math
Dr. Stephen Scogin


Secondary Education
faculty Specialty
Dr. Laura Pardo Social Studies, Math, Physical Education/Health
Dr. Stephen Scogin Sciences
Dr. Deborah VanDuinen English, Visual Arts
Special Education
faculty Note
Susan Cherup  
Dr. Jane Finn Freshman only
Dr. Libbey Horton Secondary only
Early Childhood Education
Dr. Susan Brondyk
faculty Specialty
Jay Hendersen Visual Arts
Dr. Christina Hornbach Music
Nancy Kamstra Physical Education/Health
Dr. Daniel Woolesy World Languages