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Failure to Secure a Student Teaching Placement Due to Student Teacher’s Lack of Performance

During the Placement process for student teaching, Hope College faculty/staff in the Education Department will make requests on behalf of upcoming student teachers according to State and Departmental rules and processes. In some very rare cases, despite earnest efforts and through no fault of the student, it may not be possible to secure a student teaching placement in the planned semester due to poor performance of the student teacher during the placement process. Per normal process, once a placement has been conditionally secured, the student teacher will submit to an interview with the proposed cooperating teacher(s) and/or building administrator. If the student teacher fails to secure a placement after three such interviews (e.g., due to poor interview skills, lack of appropriate responses, poor demonstration of content knowledge, weak social skills probationary status), the student teacher will be required to draw up a Plan of Improvement and withdraw his/her application for student teaching. The Plan of Improvement will need to be completed to the satisfaction of the Director of Student Teaching before any additional attempts will be made to secure another student teaching placement. This means that the student teaching placement will be delayed by at least one semester.

Effective January 19, 2011