instructional materials chart...enhancements

Instructional materials can be a great enhancement to your planning and the instructional outcomes. Just to give you some ideas, the following chart is adapted from Gabler and Schroeder's Seven Constructivist Methods for the Secondary Classroom, (2003), p. 44.

Teacher Designed
Tailored to Learning Needs or Topic
books video and film songs and music models (of forms, scenes, relationships, etc.) chalkboard or whiteboard, easel, poster paper scenarios
magazines cartoons speeches physical/visual metaphors overhead and opaque projectors fact sheets
song lyrics graphic representations readings 3-D mockups (e.g. DNA, cubes, brain, sentence structure, etc.) TV, VCRs tape and CD players handouts of various formats (columns, tables, outlines, concept maps, graphs, drawings, activity prompts, etc.)
primary sources websites sound effects   computers (single or networked) facsimilies for skill building, e.g., simulated reference texts for tailored note-taking and for learning how to organize a bibliography for a research paper
websites and email; stand-alone software software simulations for learning in all subject areas; stand-alone soft-ware