/ Biology Department

After Graduation

With a biology degree from Hope, your opportunities can be endless.

Careers in Biology

The Hope biology department has produced successful biologists who are now engaged in careers ranging from the biomedical sciences to forestry, from dentistry to dolphin training, from agricultural pest management to pharmaceutical development — and much more.

To learn more about careers in biology, talk to your professors, visit Hope’s Boerigter Center for Calling and Career, attend campus career and academic advising sessions (watch for those offered once each semester for biology students – these are just for you) and explore the American Institute of Biological Sciences website for even more help. The AIBS website also maintains job and internship listings.

Graduate Programs

After successfully completing the required courses, students will have a background in all the major fields in biology and will be prepared for standardized tests such as the Graduate Record Exam in biology, the biology portion of the Medical and Dental Schools Admission Tests, and the Michigan Certification Test in biology.

Recent biology graduates are continuing their education at the following institutions: 

  • Wayne State University – Pharmacology School
  • University of Michigan – School of Medicine
  • Michigan State University – Ph.D. through VAI
  • Michigan State University - College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • University of Michigan – Grad School
  • Purdue - College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Western Michigan University – Grad School
  • Kansas State University – Grad School
  • Washington University, St. Louis – Grad School
  • Grand Valley State University – Grad School
  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – Grad School
  • Grand Rapids Theological Seminary – Master’s program