ExploreHope and Hope College welcome K-12 students to campus for engaging camps and activities! There’s something for everyone!

ExploreHope offers innovative programming for the community allowing K–12 students and teachers to experience hands-on activities in science, engineering, math and the arts. Summer and afterschool programs expand learning opportunities that complement in-classroom goals.

We engage Hope students in these innovative experiential learning programs to provide unique pre-professional experiences to their education.


Participation for all students
ExploreHope aims to include a diverse population of participants that reflect the community at large regardless of financial or logistical barriers to participation. All students are invited to apply and participate in any ExploreHope program. Contact us if you or someone you know needs financial assistance to participate.
2020–2021 Community Event Calendar

As of September 2020, the following events will be virtual. A link to the virtual event will be sent to you upon registration confirmation.

November 14, 2020

9 a.m.–2 p.m. | $25
Explore how to contribute to sustainability in your home, your community and your world around you. Interactive sessions discuss the environmental science and impacts middle and high school students can have.

Scouts BSA: Session starts you off on the right track for many of the Sustainability merit badge requirements.

January 16, 2021

Citizenship in the World – Scouts BSA Merit Badge Virtual Day
9 a.m.—noon | $20
Finish off another Eagle required merit badge in a single virtual session. Citizenship in the World challenges you to be a wider global citizen while becoming more informed about other countries. Scouts will finish all requirements that day, merit badge counselors provided.

March 13, 2021

Middle School Girls Day
9 a.m.–noon | Free
Join the Hope College student organizations as they take you on a tour of science and engineering careers. Participate in hands-on experiments in fields such as nursing, chemistry, engineering and biology.

Community Partnerships and Sponsors

The West Michigan community is a great place for education. ExploreHope is thankful for the many partners and supporters who make our programs possible. We'd love to include you on that list! Contact us to provide in-kind donations, program speakers or scholarship funds.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors!

Hope Student Experiential Learning Opportunities

As Hope trains our students to be active, contributing members of their communities, experiential learning opportunities will play a central role in shaping the type of citizen they will become. Student cohorts focus on programs in their area of study while learning team work, project management, curriculum development and instructional skills that are required in their future careers. ExploreHope experiential learning opportunities push students to grow in the areas of:

  • Professional skills
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Program management and delivery
  • Interactions with diverse set of people
  • Teamwork
  • Personal responsibility
  • Professional society meeting presentations

Full-time summer and part-time spring positions are available. 

Support Us!

ExploreHope is self-funded center of Hope College. Join us in creating innovative learning opportunities for our area youth.

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