/ Computer Science Department

Facilities and Classrooms

Up-to-date technology and learning spaces are crucial for our students to reach their potential. We maintain a diverse combination of hardware and software available for exclusive use by computer science students 24/7.

Our department is housed in VanderWerf hall, along with the departments of engineering, mathematics and physics.

VanderWerf Hall

27 Graves Place Holland, MI 49423

VanderWerf is home to an extensive network of laboratories, computer development labs and a Pelletron particle accelerator, among many other technologies, used by computer science, physics, mathematics and engineering students. Recently completed in 2013, the Haworth Engineering Center promotes active faculty-student collaboration on research programs and design projects. Learn more.

Our primary teaching classroom, located in Van Zoeren Hall, is equipped with 26 Surface Pro 3 laptops which students use during class for both note-taking and working on problems.

  • Student writing on iPad
  • Notes taken on an iPad
  • Students working at their laptops

We have a student lab dedicated to students studying Computer Science that provides a mix of computing environments, including 

  • 12 high performance PCs with dual monitors
  • 2 27" iMacs
  • 15 laptop stations, providing an external keyboard, mouse and large-screen monitor for students who wish to work on their own computers
  • 4 iPhones and 5 Android phones along with several tablets

Students working on a group project in the Computer Science LabTwo group meeting rooms are located within the lab to provide space for students working on group projects, or when they need a bit of peace and quiet to get that last-minute assignment done.

Other technology

Students are encouraged to explore new environments in which they can apply their skills, and the department actively supports these investigations by purchasing unique technologies. In 2015, for example, we introduced an Amazon Echo device for the lab for students working on a project for Senior Project Seminar.

Also in 2015, a team of two students requested that we acquire a Rasberry Pi computer and some other hardware so that they could experiment with building a mechanism to open their dorm room door with their mobile phone. We gladly acquired the necessary equipment and were excited to see the results of their efforts!

Raspberry Pi-based door opener