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Hope College has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) since 1982.

National Association of Schools of Dance
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The Department of Dance affirms and promotes the transformative power of dance. Through opportunities to CREATE, PERFORM, RESPOND AND CONNECT, the dance department invites students to grow artistically, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

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Goals, Objectives and Outcomes


Department Goal: To foster physical and creative development for composition and scholarship. (CrG)

Student-Learning Goal: To explore and generate ideas; to conceptualize, design, and present. (CrSLG)

As a dance artist/dance scholar, student will…

Objective 1 Investigate new and diverse perspectives. (Cr1)
Objective 2 Practice and apply compositional tools and methods. (Cr)
Objective 3 Research creative processes to form and select own ideas. (Cr3)
Objective 4 Collaborate with others and connect areas of interests. (Cr4)
Objective 5 Develop, design and present ideas and completed works. (Cr5)

Outcome:  Student will communicate personal voice and artistic intent through the creation and presentation of ideas and works. (CrO)   


Department Goal: To foster physical and artistic development for performance and presentation. (PG)

Student-Learning Goal: To intentionally prepare the body for dance; to emote, express, and communicate. (PSLG)

As a dance artist/dance scholar, student will…

OBJECTIVE 1 Train physically and artistically in multiple genres and levels. (P1)
OBJECTIVE 2 Demonstrate anatomical understanding of the body in movement with increased awareness of personal range and structure, habits, and potential. (P2)
OBJECTIVE 3 Participate in mind-body connections for improved health, wellness, confidence, and risk-taking. (P3)
OBJECTIVE 4 Interact with/Respond to choreographers, fellow performers, production elements, and audience. (P4)
OBJECTIVE 5 Convey physical and aesthetic intention. (P5)

Outcome:  Student will demonstrate multifaceted physicality and artistry; perform and present with developing presence, maturity, and virtuosity. (PO)


Department Goal: To foster an environment that values informed feedback, critique, and dialogue. (RG)

Student-Learning Goal: To perceive, interpret, analyze, critique, and evaluate dance, movement, and scholarship. (RSLG)

As a dance artist/dance scholar, student will…

OBJECTIVE 1 Develop language skills and evaluative criteria from multiple perspectives. (R1)
OBJECTIVE 2 Identify past and present artistic values, preferences, and biases of self and others. (R2)
OBJECTIVE 3 Question, form opinions and offer informed and critical response. (R3)
OBJECTIVE 4 Receive guidance and mentorship, along with critique and evaluation of work and progress. (R4)
OBJECTIVE 5 Consider, select and implement feedback for continued growth and development. (R5)

Outcome:  Student will contribute as emerging artist and/or scholar to the ever-changing field of dance. (RO)


Department Goal: To foster rigorous interdisciplinary research for integrated learning. (CoG)

Student-Learning Goal: To make connections across the curriculum; to receive, adapt, and transfer knowledge for meaningful understanding and practice. (CoSLG)

As a dance artist/dance scholar, student will…

OBJECTIVE 1 Engage in experiences that require thinking, creating, collaborating and communicating. (Co1)
OBJECTIVE 2 Experience dance as a form of communication with and connection to others, developing awareness of self and one’s role in community. (Co2)
OBJECTIVE 3 Connect the study, performance, creation, and historical relevance of dance to society and culture, faith and spirituality. (Co3)
OBJECTIVE 4 Investigate practical and artistic applications of dance in society and for vocation. (Co4)
OBJECTIVE 5 Accumulate knowledge for integration of mind, body and spirit. (Co5)

Outcome: Student will synthesize theoretical and technical knowledge for expanded artistry, deepened inquiry, and vocational pursuits. (CoO)