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Day1: Michigan Rocks

Travel to northern Michigan in this geological immersion experience before classes begin!

  • Kickstart your learning experience with hands-on immersionKickstart your learning experience with a hands-on immersion experience1/8
  • Day1: Michigan Rocks lets you explore Northern Michigan Day1: Michigan Rocks lets you explore Northern Michigan’s lakes2/8
  • Students bikingExplore the countryside in Northern Michigan3/8
  • Students examining rock formationsExamine natural geological formations4/8
  • Student looking at rocks by the waterThe class starts where it matters: in the field5/8
  • Student examining the rocksInterpret clues preserved within rocks and other geological formations6/8
  • The Michigan Rocks groupGrow and learn among a diverse and passionate group of peers7/8
  • Students doing work in the rainDay1: Michigan Rocks is a truly immersive outdoor experience — rain or shine8/8

Day1: Michigan Rocks gives you the opportunity to join upper-level students and faculty mentors to explore rock formations that record events from throughout Michigan’s rich geological history. Study ancient volcanoes and mineral deposits, fossil-rich inland seas, expansive glaciers and modern geological processes as you build the skills to become a professional geologist or environmental scientist.

This research community brings together first-year students interested in learning science in the outdoors, as well as current Hope students who want an immersive introduction to geology. This Michigan Field Geology course gives you a first-hand look at modern geological processes and will show you how to interpret clues in ancient rocks to understand past episodes of glaciation, volcanic eruptions and other major environmental changes that have shaped Michigan. As part of Day1: Michigan Rocks you will travel and camp together throughout the wilds of northern Michigan for nine days before the start of the fall semester (August 14–23). With this shared experience, you’ll arrive on campus knowing a cohort of incoming classmates as well as some seasoned students who can help you settle into college life.

Community details

  • Move into your residence hall room on Hope’s campus in the early afternoon, Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (two weeks before classes begin)
  • Our week of camping will include sleeping in tents, preparing meals and packing our equipment — rain or shine
  • Return to campus on the evening of Thursday, August 23, 2018, in time for first-year orientation
  • Continue studying Michigan geology in the fall semester with your Field Geology classmates
  • This program costs an additional $375, which covers travel and meal costs

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