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Day1: Watershed

What is the impact of human activity on our local rivers and lakes? 

Day1: Watershed is a year-long program that offers you the opportunity to engage in the efforts of our local community to improve the water quality of the greater Holland area and larger Lake Michigan ecological systems. You and your classmates will use your knowledge of science, mathematics and engineering to tackle this environmental challenge.

Before classes begin, immerse yourself in this research program alongside other first-year students and devoted faculty. In the field, you and your team will measure sedimentation rates and the level of phosphate runoff into Lake Macatawa. In the lab, you’ll use advanced laboratory equipment and techniques to identify and quantify the microbial populations found within the watershed.

At the end of each semester, you and your team will assess your research using statistical analysis and present your findings. Your research will help the on-going remediation efforts of the community based program, Project Clarity, which aims to improve water quality throughout the entire Lake Macatawa watershed.

Community details

  • A year-long introductory science lab that replaces a chemistry lab and a biology lab
  • Begins with a week-long, pre-college experience collecting samples, exploring the local watershed and working in the lab
  • Work to improve the Holland community by studying the impacts of human activity on the Lake Macatawa watershed by measuring water purity and microbial populations
  • Live with students interested in science, math and engineering your first year in a vibrant living-learning community based in the recently updated Lichty Hall
  • Meet peer research mentors — older students whose experience will help guide you during your first year at Hope — during the pre-college research experience.
  • Students using computersDay1: Watershed puts technology in your hands to help as you perform research
  • Students perform chemical tests in the labEngage in meaningful and cohesive lab work from the very first days of class
  • Group standing by the riverDay1: Watershed allows you to go out into the field before classes start
  • Watershed group standing by a vanWork collaboratively to explore the issues facing the local watershed
  • Watershed group getting ice cream after a day of lab workForm meaningful relationships with peers from different backgrounds
  • Petri DishYour lab experiences use real science as you investigate critical issues
  • Students working togetherWork collaboratively to explore the issues facing the local watershed
  • Student using lab equipmentLearn how a lab works through experience
  • Lab students working togetherWork with groups as you explore the issues facing the local environment
  • Students collect data from an underpass riverLearn to collect data and interpret what it means
  • River collection siteWhat sort of issues are facing our local watershed?

Faculty Mentors