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Day1: Design

First-year engineering students tackle a design challenge posed by a customer from the local community.

Day1: Edge students tackling a design challengeAs part of the Day1: Design program, you and a team of other first-year engineering students will explore a challenge posed by a local community customer and work to develop possible technological solutions. Join a dynamic community of peers and mentors while doing engineering in a real-world context to start your first year with a truly engaging and life-changing experience.

Day1: Design is a deliberate attempt to make the engineering profession real from your very first semester. As part of the Design program, you will carry out a design project as you work in teams to analyze the needs of a customer from the Holland community, design a viable and efficient solution, and develop an actual prototype. Culminating your semester of work will be your presentation of the prototype to the customer.

“It felt good to actually do something important for someone already in my freshman year. This kept me really interested in engineering right away.”

Community Details

  • Design project is embedded in the Introduction to Engineering laboratory course
  • Upper-level engineering students mentor first-year students through the design project

Faculty Mentors