/ General Education

Expository Writing

The primary purpose of this component of the general education program is to equip Hope College students with essential writing and associated research skills and practices for education and life.

ENGL 113 serves as a foundation for additional writing instruction that occurs in subsequent writing-intensive general education courses and courses in the majors.

Associated Student Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes will be introduced:

4. Demonstrate an ability to communicate to a specific audience by employing multiple approaches, media, or languages.

5. Analyze evidence or data to solve problems, reach informed conclusions or make sound judgements.

ENGL 113 (3 Credits)

This course is normally completed during the first year of a student's academic program. Emphasis in the course will be on the student's ability to express thoughts clearly in writing. The course also stresses the development of critical thinking skills with an emphasis on information literacy and library research. Generally, the course is taught topically, leaving the area of exploration to the discretion to the individual instructor. All sections of the course focus on the writing process, and all instructors shape their courses with writing objectives constantly in mind.

Some sections of this course may emphasize global learning; these sections may also satisfy the global learning component of the general education program.

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