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First Year Seminar

These two-credit, interdisciplinary seminars provide an intellectual transition to Hope College. Offered on a wide variety of topics, they focus on active, college-level learning in the liberal arts.

The seminar format emphasizes the reading and discussion of primary texts (rather than textbooks) and collaboration through various kinds of writing and oral presentation. You’ll develop essential college skills while exploring an important and challenging topic that transcends any single discipline.

First-year seminars introduce students to many of the college’s resources, including its award-winning library. They orient students to the purposes of a liberal-arts education and the process of preparing for their career and discovering their callings in life.

FYS instructors also serve as academic advisors for their students until they declare a major. Getting to know one another in the academic classroom and an advising setting present opportunities for faculty and students to talk about academic and life direction, other courses, grades, adjustment issues and other areas.

A variety of engaging FYS topics are offered each year by faculty throughout the college. Some recent titles include:

  • Why Do I Always Get My Best Ideas While Shaving?
  • #adulting
  • Harry Potter and the Flying Dutchmen
  • Choices
  • Friendship and Its Enemies
  • Holistic Health
  • You Believe What?
  • Christianity and the Big Questions
  • Fit Bodies Fat Minds
  • Should I Give A Dollar to the Homeless Man
  • American Obsession: An Exploration of Violence in Film

The director of the First Year Seminar Program is Dr. Ryan White.

Find more information about FYS courses from the Registrar's Office