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First Year Seminar

The purpose of the First-Year Seminar is to introduce students to the liberal arts tradition and provide an intellectual transition into Hope College.

In the seminar, each section with a unique topic, students will explore fundamental or emerging questions that they answer through multiple modes of inquiry and through listening to and understanding diverse perspectives. Thus, the seminar will serve as a critical first step in preparing students for lives of leadership and service in a global society.

Associated Student Learning Outcomes

The Seminar will introduce the following learning outcomes:

1. Examine fundamental or emerging questions about humanity, the natural world, or God by seeking answers through different modes of inquiry.

2. Reflect on the diverse perspectives, cultures, and historical experiences of people in the United States and the world.

3. Practice Hope College’s Virtues of Public Discourse: humility to listen, hospitality to welcome, patience to understand, courage to challenge, honesty to speak the truth in love.

IDS 100: FYS (3 Credits)

FYS is an interdisciplinary introduction to the liberal arts and to college-level ways of learning. This three-credit course will be taught topically and will engage fundamental or emerging questions on topics such as humanity, the natural world, and God that are broadly explored through the liberal arts. While each section will cover a unique topic and have additional specific learning objectives, all sections will include instruction and activities related to the three broad student learning outcomes listed above.

The instructor of the First-Year Seminar will also be the student's academic advisor. This will allow the student and advisor an opportunity to get to know each other in an academic setting. Conversations about other courses, grades, adjustment to college, personal interests, career goals, and campus involvements will occur more naturally in this setting.

Each FYS section will include instructional sessions introducing students to content that is critical to the course including the Library, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Boerigter Center, the Registrar’s Office and other campus partners.

The First-Year Seminar must be taken in the first semester (fall semester) of a first-year student’s academic program. The seminar may not be repeated in subsequent semesters. Transfer students are exempted from this course.

The director of the First Year Seminar Program is Dr. Ryan White.

Find more information about FYS courses from the Registrar's Office