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First-Year Students

Welcome to Hope! We’re excited to see where your journey takes you.

In order to select fall classes, all incoming first-year students complete a registration worksheet. This worksheet asks you to choose courses that you are interested in taking, based on your potential major and general education courses. After you submit the worksheet, Registrar’s Office staff will review your choices, along with any credit that you have already earned, and create a fall schedule for you.

The registration worksheet is due June 26 and takes a lot of planning, so be sure to give yourself extra time to review the following steps to complete the worksheet.

You will also need to complete the information sheet for your academic advisor. This is a short questionnaire to help your advisor get a jump start at getting to know you.

If you still have questions about registration after you have reviewed these pages, contact the Registrar’s Office. Check here if you have trouble logging into or accessing the worksheet.



Unless you specify otherwise, you will be taking 14–16 credits in your first semester. This usually translates to 4–5 courses. Be sure to select enough first-choice courses to fill those 14–16 credits, plus 4–5 additional, different classes as backups. Sometimes courses fill quickly or the times available do not work with other courses on your schedule.

Completing 16 credits per semester for four years will result in earning the required 126 credits to graduate. That is why we recommend taking 14–16 in your first semester. If you have already earned AP, IB or transfer credit, or plan to enroll in a summer term, the number of credits you need to earn each semester may be reduced.

Twelve credits per semester is considered full time. If you are a foreign student, athlete or student with VA benefits, you need to earn at least 12 credits per semester.

Credits taken above 16 result in an extra charge of $550 per credit hour. More information about costs can be found on the Business Services website.


All courses listed on the registration worksheet are open to incoming first-year students. Some 200 and 300-level courses expect intermediate or advanced skills, such as languages or math; others, such as social sciences and IDS, do not require any previous background or study. If the course is listed as recommended for your major or as a general education recommendation, you are welcome to request it.


When selecting your course choices, try to aim for a balance in the kinds of work you’ll be required to do. Some subjects require a lot of reading, some require a lot of writing, and some require a lot of lab work. Selecting a variety of subjects will help you feel challenged, but not overwhelmed.


Print a copy of the practice registration worksheet or have a piece of paper handy. The practice registration worksheet is structured similarly to the actual registration worksheet and will help you organize your course ideas. Write down your ideas as you go through the materials.


If you have not already done so, have your official transcript sent, with final grades, to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible so that we can evaluate your credits and place them on your record. Transcripts are official only if they come directly from your previous college. We begin evaluating transcripts for incoming first-year students in May, and continue as they are received.

If you have APIB or transfer credit, review those pages to see how your score/course corresponds to Hope credit. This will help you choose the appropriate level for your courses. You do not need to request courses you already have credit for.

If you aren’t sure of your AP/IB score, you can leave that section of the worksheet blank. We will review it before we create your schedule.


Review the major recommendations for any major (or minor) you are considering. This page lists where each course can be found on the registration worksheet, along with a sample schedule for each major and a link to the academic department website.

Some majors require that courses be taken in a specific sequence in order to complete your degree in four years. These are noted on the major recommendations page as “required” for your first semester. If certain courses are listed as required for your major, we will make sure to place you in those courses.

You can find a full list of requirements for each major and minor in the Catalog.

It's okay if you're undecided on a major. You can still select general education courses or any subjects that you want to explore. You will have plenty of time to consider potential majors.


All general education requirements must be met in order to graduate from Hope. Use the general education recommendations for your first year to choose courses that interest you and fit in with your major requirements.

If you have a specific major or minor in mind, be sure to check those recommendations first, as many major/minor courses also fulfill general education requirements.


Some courses listed on the worksheet do not fulfill general education requirements (often listed under “Other”). These courses will still go toward your degree and are opportunities to explore your interests.

If your major requires a course listed in the “Other” section of the worksheet, the major recommendations page will indicate this.

If you are an athlete, you may be interested in taking Kin 112 (Condition & Weight Training). This can be found under Social Sciences > Other.



If you have AP, IB or transfer credit, make sure to list your scores/courses on your worksheet. If you don't know your scores, you can leave this section blank and we will review it before we make your schedule and place you in the appropriate courses.


If you are planning to participate in a fall sport, let us know which sport on the worksheet, so we can be sure not to place you in any classes that meet after 3:30 p.m.


The worksheet is divided into sections based on the three Hope academic divisions – Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural and Applied Sciences. All courses that are open to first-year students are listed under one of these sections; the major and general education recommendations pages list where each course can be found on the worksheet.

The First Year Seminar (FYS) is the only course that is not listed under any division sections. It’s listed toward the top of the worksheet and is required for all first-year students in the fall.

You do not need to make selections under every section of the worksheet. You only need to select classes that you are interested in taking.

Be sure to indicate on the worksheet which courses are your first choice by checking “most desired.” All other courses you list will be considered as backup choices. Please include 4–5 different backups in case your most desired courses are full or don’t fit in the rest of your schedule.


Have the registration worksheet open in one tab and the registration materials pages open in other tabs. If you need to refer to some of the materials while completing your worksheet, you can do it easily with multiple tabs open.

When you are finished, click Submit. If you accidentally submit before you’re done, that's okay. You can go back into your worksheet, make changes, and resubmit. We will use your most recent submission when creating your schedule.

Do you have trouble logging into the worksheet, or accessing it?

after you submit

After you submit the worksheet, the Registrar’s Office will review your course choices before registering you for classes. We will work with your first choice courses as much as possible, but as courses fill, we may need to place you in an alternate course.

Your fall schedule will be available on your plus.hope.edu account the first week of August.


You can submit the advisor information sheet before or after your registration worksheet. Either way, make sure you submit it by July 24, as it is a way for your advisor to get to know you a little bit before meeting you.

Note that the advisor info sheet times out after 20 minutes. Be sure to click Save Infosheet before that, so you don't lose what you typed.


The StrengthsQuest assessment (SQ) will offer insight into your top five personal strengths. Hope College uses SQ in a variety of ways throughout campus, including Orientation and First-Year Seminar. Building an understanding of your strengths can add significant insight into your overall personal and career development and can positively impact your academic success while at Hope College.

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career and Academic Advising ask that all incoming first-year students complete this assessment by Wednesday, July 24.

general information

This assessment will take 30–45 minutes to complete. There are no wrong answers and you are encouraged to 'go with your gut' in terms of how you respond. Each question has a 20-second timer, so, again, these are meant to be fast and measure your first inclination. You will have access to your results once you have completed your assessment but no further action is required before your arrival to campus.


  1. Go to hope.gallup.com
  2. Click New Account below the Register heading.
  3. On the Registration page, enter your information in the available fields and when done, select the "I have read and agree …" box. You will be asked to create a username and password. Be sure to use your Hope email address as your username. Then click Create Account.
  4. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Click the link in the email to complete your registration.
  5. The link will return you to hope.gallup.com. Log in with your username and password that you created. Click the Let’s Get Started button to complete your assessment. 

Your StrengthsQuest results, along with many additional resources from Gallup, will be immediately available to review one you have completed the assessment.

If you have questions or are experiencing difficulty, use the help feature on the Gallup site or email EducationHelp@gallup.com.

If you have already taken StrengthsQuest prior to coming to Hope College, please contact the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career at careers@hope.edu for instructions on integrating your results with Hope's system.