/ Center for Global Engagement

International & TCK Student Orientation Schedule

FRIDAY, August 19, 2022

8 A.M. Breakfast Phelps Dining Hall
9 A.M. Welcome and Introductions with Families MMC 1st Floor Rotunda
10 A.M. Student Expectations and Icebreakers MMC Auditorium 135
11:30 a.m. Explore Michigan Meeting MMC Auditorium 135
12 NOON Lunch Phelps Dining Hall
1 P.M. Immigration Session I 
(Bring your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, and I-94)
MMC Auditorium 135
2 :30 P.M. Health & Safety Session I Campus Safety Briefing MMC Auditorium 135
3 P.M. Center for Global Engagement Intro (Events, Host Family Program, Dates, International Relations Club) MMC Auditorium 135
4:00 P.M. Free time for bank, books, paying student bills..etc.  
7 P.M. Welcome Reception Maas Auditorium
8 P.M. Shopping at Meijer/Free Time  MMC 1st Floor Rotunda


Explore Michigan! 

Meet in MMC 1st Floor Rotunda at 8 a.m. with your bag for Explore Michigan packed! The Explore Michigan itinerary will be distributed at the Explore Michigan meeting.


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

8 a.m.    Breakfast Phelps Dining Hall
8:30 A.M. Health & Safety Session II
Vaccination Clinic & TB Testing
Health Center
11 A.M. Academic Session I
Vocational Discernment and Academic Major selections
MMC Auditorium 135
12 Noon Lunch Phelps Dining Hall
1 p.M. Business Services MMC Auditorium 135
1:30 p.m. Scavenger Hunt Campus
3:15 P.M. Academic Session II  Plagiarism MMC Auditorium 135
4 P.M. Academic Session III International/TCK Student Panel

(Returning student's perspective on classroom culture, homework assignments, professors, exams, quizzes, study groups, balancing social and academic life, etc.)

MMC Auditorium 135
5 p.m. Dinner Phelps Dining Hall
7-9 p.m. Shopping Trip to Walmart MMC 1st Floor Rotunda

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

8 a.m. Breakfast Phelps Dining Hall
9 a.m. Academic Session IV Faculty Panel MMC Auditorium 135
10 A.m. OA Planned Activity MMC Auditorium 135
10:35 a.m. Walk to Library w/OA & OD  
11 a.m. Academic Session V  Library Session Library
12 Noon Lunch Phelps Dining Hall
1 p.m. Cultural Adjustment Session
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Campus Life in America
  • Cultural Differences
MMC Auditorium 135
2 p.m. Health & Safety Session III
  • Hope-Health benefits and services (Health Center)
  • Counseling & Confidentiality (CAPS)
MMC Auditorium 135
3 P.M. Academic Session VI Degree Works and Plus.Hope.Edu MMC Auditorium 135
3:30 p.m. Computing & Information Technology MMC Auditorium 135
4 p.m. OA/OD Planned Activity MMC Auditorium 135
5 P.M. Dinner Phelps Dining Hall
7 - 9 p.m. Shopping Trip to Walmart / Free Time MMC 1st Floor Rotunda

Thursday, August 25, 2022

8 a.m. Breakfast Phelps Dining Hall
9 a.m. Health & Safety Session IV Title IX Training MMC Auditorium 135
9:30 a.m.
Immigration Session II Traveling, PDSO/DSO roles, maintaining status

Note: concurrent TCK session in MMC - Room 238
MMC Auditorium 135
10:05 a.m.

Academic Session VII
Academic Success Center

MMC Auditorium 135

10:30 A.m.

Immigration Session III
On-Campus Employment, Social Security Number, Driver's License

NOTE: Concurrent TCK session in MMC 238

MMC Auditorium 135

12 noon Lunch Phelps Dining Hall
1 p.m. Academic Session VIII Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing MMC Auditorium 135
2 p.m. Learn about 2022 Freshmen Orientation MMC Auditorium 135
2:30 P.M. International Orientation Wrap-up Session MMC Auditorium 135
5 P.M. Picnic at Kollen Park Kollen Park
7 - 9 p.m. Shopping trip to Meijer / Free Time MMC 1st Floor Rotunda

Join the 2022 Freshmen Orientation on Friday, August 26.

Classes begin Tuesday, August 30, at 8 a.m.