/ Interdisciplinary Studies

Pathways and Programs

Good learning is always moving toward interdisciplinary study because life is not divided up into subjects like school is. The more you learn, the more connections you see between your courses.

Certain groups of courses are set up to build interdisciplinary connections around important topics and areas of study. This page gives you an overview of such pathways and programs, especially so that you can see how choosing general education courses early in your time at Hope can get you started in an interdisciplinary direction. Note that in almost all cases, these courses are not arranged in sequences with required pre-requisites but are merely grouped by topics and can be entered at any point.


With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grand Challenges Initiative, several teams of Hope faculty are developing courses in multiple disciplines that address important issues facing the world in which students will live and work. Each Grand Challenges pathway includes at least one General Education course.


Each interdisciplinary program has its own website and section in the college catalog with complete information about requirements and options. The listings below show general education courses that contribute to each program.

American Ethnic Studies

Required course:

Elective options include:

View the American Ethnic Studies website and catalog information.

Asian Studies


Electives options include:

Altogether, 16 of the 20 required credits for the Asian Studies minor can be filled with general education courses.

View the Asian Studies website and catalog information.

Environmental Studies

Required courses include eight credits of GEMS courses chosen from:

Electives include:

Thematically related courses include REL 100, Earth and Ethics (RL1) and some sections of IDS 100 (FYS) and English 113 (EW).

View the Environmental Studies website and catalog information.

Global Health

Our Global Health program unites faculty and students from the divisions of Natural & Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities in collaborative learning, research and service. We aim to enlarge students’ capacity for critical thinking about the complex conditions and structures of our world that affect the health and well-being of humanity.

View the Global Health website and catalog information.

Global Studies

Required course options include:

View the Global Studies website and catalog information.


Required courses include a choice of one of the following:

Some tracks within the minor also includes choices from general education courses.

View the studies in ministry minor website and catalog information.

Peace and Justice

Elective options include:

View the Peace and Justice website and catalog information.

Women's and Gender Studies

Required courses for the major and minor include:

Elective options include:

View the Women's and Gender Studies website and catalog information.