/ Women's and Gender Studies

Pairing with Majors and Minors

Majoring or minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies combines powerfully with other liberal arts and science majors to education students for lives of leadership and service in a global society.

Class of 2020

Em Wolfe

Communication major with a WGS minor

Emily WolfeWGS has required me to reevaluate every belief I have ever held; it led me to understand my sexuality as a queer woman. I am applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to study conflict transformation and social justice in Northern Ireland. I intend to work with the peacemaking team for the United Nations upon completion of my studies. These are two aspirations I never would have had if the WGS minor didn't exist.

Emily Hamilton

Double major in WGS and communication with an English writing minor

WGS has allowed me to become more culturally and socially aware. My goal is to be able to bring my WGS degree into whatever I do, whether it be my career or daily life. I believe that understanding culture and equality can only lead to the betterment of society.

Maddie Zimmerman

Art history major with a triple minor in WGS, Chinese, and Asian studies

Maddie ZimmermanI have always considered myself a feminist and been interested in gender equality and human rights issues, but WGS gave me the language and knowledge I needed to think more critically about my own life and the world around me, especially in regards to intersectionality. I also love being able to create a link between my activism with my academics.

In the future, I see WGS playing a large role in my career. My focus in Art history is Asian art, but in particular, I hope to study issues of gender and sexuality in modern and contemporary Asian art.

Class of 2021

Hannah Jones

Double major in WGS and English

Hannah JonesWGS has helped me identify, understand and name the patterns of the patriarchy in the world around me. It has opened my eyes to oppression and helped me find ways to fight for justice.

I'm not sure about my career, but I know that it will involve WGS in some way. As far as family is concerned, I will use my WGS education to raise or guide children who care about justice and equality, who have empathy and understanding for people.

Chloe Long

Double major in Women and Gender Studies and Spanish

Chloe LongWGS has impacted me in so many ways. I think that the constant push to expand our minds, to delve into a diverse range of subjects, has pushed me in ways I didn't think possible, to recognize my own faults and privileges and how to grow and connect with others and to empower/be empowered. WGS is a part of me and my life always.

Sage Mikkelsen

WGS major with a double minor in religion and Creative Writing

While WGS has impacted me in every aspect of my life, I have felt the most impact on my faith. WGS has shown me there is more for women in the Christian church than the mainstream, one-dimensional role they are often given. Above all, WGS has impacted me to follow a God who is always on the side of justice.

So far, WGS has shaped my future in my plans to go to either grad school or seminary, studying feminist theology.

Caitlin Paauwe

Sociology major with a WGS minor

Caitlin PaauweWGS has impacted my life in many ways. I’ve met great people who are passionate about many of the same things I am! I’ve also learned more about women’s issues which has opened my eyes to things I might not have known about before.

I see WGS shaping my career in many ways. As a future police officer, I see it shaping the way women are treated inside and outside of the field. This minor has helped me grow and will continue to help me grow in the future.

Hannah Weller

Double major in WGS and communication

Hannah WellerWGS has impacted me by helping me understand those around me better — learning about intersectionality especially and how the different intersections in our lives affect us.

I think WGS will help me in my future greatly. I want to work in politics, and being a WGS major has helped me learn about how to empower not only myself but those around me. It has taught me about freedom and how freeing it is to be authentically yourself no matter what "society says.”

Class of 2022

Gracyn Carter

Psychology major with a WGS minor

Gracyn CarterWGS has impacted me by making me think about the world in a way that I had never truly allowed myself to do before. It has allowed me to consider so many other perspectives besides my own and even besides just a women’s perspective. It has also greatly shaped the way I view feminism as well as my ability to understand the complexity and diversity within it. 

Through my WGS courses I have been encouraged to seek a career that caters towards women's advocacy in domestic violence and abuse. I hope to work for a non-profit organization or something like that in order to get a chance to work with people one-on-one.

Grace Kennedy

Social Work major with a double minor in WGS and Peace and Justice Studies

I have greatly enjoyed all of the Women's and Gender Studies classes I have been able to take here at Hope because of my love for activism and women's empowerment. I have gained a new perspective in perceiving and caring for the world and people around me.

I really want to work in the field of advocating for human rights and possibly in working closely with human rights-related policies. In the future, my ultimate dream is to be able to do God's work in the community by being able to help marginalized individuals and oppressed minorities.