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Federal Budget Reallocation Policy

Budget revisions within Federal awards will occur when the scope and/or
duration of the project changes. The Principal Investigator (PI) will initiate a
Federal Budget Reallocation Request (FBRR) form (Excel format).

The PI will submit the FBRR form to the Dean of their Division for approval.
If approved, the form will be routed to Business Services. Upon receipt the
Business Manager will update the Hope College Finance system with the
approved changes.

Federal grant awards normally allow Hope College, through the Organization
Prior Approval System (OPAS), to internally approve certain budget deviations.
However, each award must be reviewed for specific limitations or restrictions.

FBRR forms may only be used for federal grants or federal flow-through
subaward agreements and NOT for federal contracts or other non-federal

Budget revisions that require the use of this form must be approved prior to the
expenditure of the funds.


  • Fill out the FBRR form completely – do not leave blanks and enter NA
    where appropriate
  • PI signature and date are required
  • Route to Dean of the Division for signature and date
  • Approved form must be submitted to Business Services for processing