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Conducting Surveys at Hope College

The Frost Research Center is being redesigned as the one-stop shop for all things research at Hope College.  Due to growing survey fatigue amongst our students, the Frost Center will serve as the on-campus clearing house for survey research.  We have recently purchased Qualtrics, the gold standard of online survey software and offer it, as well as the services of our Research Associates, to individuals/campus offices, etc. 

An application must be completed for each project that is not on the exempt project list below. In order to conduct a survey at Hope College, we recommend following these steps:

Develop a clearly articulated research question

    • Students conducting course related projects should clarify these goals with their professors

Check to see if the information already exists

    • Hope College Institutional Research web page including: Registrar’s Factbook, Common Dataset, Online Profiles of Hope, External Surveys, etc.
    • Consult with the Frost Research Center about additional data sets not listed

Is a survey the best way to collect information?

    • Are focus groups or one-on-one interviews  better alternatives?  Surveys will yield quantitative data whereas interviews and focus groups will provide additional narrative.

Have I considered using other data sources?

Develop a quality survey draft

    • Consider your timeline in conjunction with the Frost Research Center’s application process (must be completed and turned in at least two weeks prior to survey launch)
    • Have a defined, specific focus to your survey
    • Write precise questions (do not lead nor ask more than one question within one question, keep questions short and simple)
    • Develop a plan for your data analysis and use of results
    • Fill out Application to Conduct a Survey from Frost Research Center and submit to obtain approval

Application to Conduct a Survey

Exempt Projects

  • Faculty course evaluations
  • Student evaluations of faculty
  • Administrative record collection
  • Workshop, event or customer service evaluations or feedback at the time of the workshop event or service
  • Elections (e.g., faculty elections, homecoming court)
  • Polls for scheduling meetings (Meeting Wizard, Doodle, etc.)
  • Surveying within the membership of an office, committee, student organization or faculty department
  • Departmental academic assessment and academic department review activities focused on the department’s majors and minors