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Qualtrics Survey Research

The survey platform used by Frost Center is Qualtrics, which has a high degree of customization and functionality to support evaluation and research.

If you are interested in using Qualtrics, please review our Qualtrics Account Policy and ensure your use complies with the policy.

The Frost Center team is happy to answer your questions and provide support as you develop surveys in our platform.

Account Policy
  1. Faculty and staff are responsible for general oversight of students conducting research under their supervision, including acceptable and responsible use of Qualtrics.
  2. Students may obtain a Qualtrics Account with faculty sponsorship.
  3. Survey researchers involving human subjects are required to obtain Hope College HSRB approval.
  4. Surveys administered through a Hope College Qualtrics account are also subject to the college Survey and Focus Group Policy.
  5. Using your Qualtrics account for non-college activities is prohibited. This includes personal use or use on behalf of a company, non-profit, or other non-Hope College organization (whether for pay or not).
  6. Sharing your Qualtrics account log in information is prohibited.
  7. Qualtrics will archive and retain survey instruments and responses as long as the account holder maintains employment at Hope College. Individual Qualtrics Accounts will be deleted when an employee leaves the institution or following a student’s graduation. Account holders are encouraged to download their data prior to their employment end date or graduation.
  8. Although Qualtrics will maintain survey instruments and data indefinitely, users are responsible for archiving their data to other media such as a local hard drive or flash drive. Frost Center for Data and Research is not responsible for archiving or retrieving survey data.
  9. Qualtrics administrators at Frost Center routinely monitor the volume of surveys and survey respondents for system management purposes. Your usage is subject to auditing and security testing.
  10. Individuals using copyright material or third party logos in their surveys are responsible for procuring proper authorization.
  11. Misuse of Hope College logos, seals, or trademarks is prohibited (see Hope College Logo Standards).
  12. All expectations set forth in the Hope College Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, and Employee Handbooks and Policies apply to Qualtrics use. Violations of this policy may result in loss of your Qualtrics account and disciplinary actions consistent with these handbooks and policies.
  13. Frost Center for Data and Research at Hope College reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the Qualtrics offering and these Terms of Use.

*Portions of this Qualtrics Policy were adapted from those at Roanoke College and Webster University.

Account Request

Please complete an application for a Frost Center for Data and Research Qualtrics account. A Frost Center team member will review your request and be in touch within the next 3–5 days. Email frostcenter@hope.edu with questions about the form.

Qualtrics Account Request

Training & Support

Qualtrics Support has information and training available to get you started and answer your questions along the way. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources Qualtrics has available to begin using the platform and continue growing your skills.

Qualtrics Training & Support

While Frost Center staff are available to answer your questions, if you need immediate assistance please login to the Support Portal using your Qualtrics account credentials (Hope username associated with the Qualtrics account you are using and the Qualtrics password Frost Center has assigned to you).

If you are unable to login or don’t have a Qualtrics account, you can access a Limited Support Portal by clicking “Can’t login or don’t have an account?” After answering a brief set of questions, you will receive a call, text, or email (your choice) from the Qualtrics support person most qualified to answer your question. Your estimated wait time will be displayed in your Support Portal before you trigger a call.

For a more detailed explanation of Authenticated Phone Support, please visit the Contacting Support page.