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Manager: Bob Hunt

The grounds department is responsible for all landscaped areas on campus: turf, shrubs, flowers and trees. The department is also responsible for snow and ice removal from all walks and parking lots on campus.

Our full time sports turf manager keeps the 40 acres of athletic fields in tip-top shape as they get more and more use from the sanctioned school sports and student intramural games. Keeping the mowers, tractors, leaf vacs and blowers running is a challenging task for the team's mechanic. When not working on the summer equipment he is getting things ready for the snow and ice. The full time grounds keeper that cares for the main campus, like the entire deptartment, keeps busy every day and some nights. Our thanks also go out to the dozen or so students that help out through the entire year.


In May, when the dogwoods blossom and the thousands of tulips bloom, Hope College and the Holland area is a colorful sight to see. Stop by sometime and see for yourself!