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Physical Plant Services

The Physical Plant Department strives to make your living, learning and working environments on Hope’s campus the best they can be.

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Many aspects of your space need regular attention by our staff, or repairs when things aren't quite right. Here's how we can help.

The maintenance group makes the facilities at Hope College functional, comfortable and appealing to all faculty, staff, students and visitors. We do this by maintaining and upgrading all equipment and facilities belonging to the college. This team consists of carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, HVAC workers and excellent mechanics. These technicians help make our campus better each day.

The custodial staff is responsible for the daily cleaning and light maintenance of carpeting and hard surface flooring, furnishings, restroom fixtures, classrooms, labs, offices, studios and common areas in a variety of academic buildings. They are also responsible for trash removal, recycling and some snow removal. Each member of the custodial staff is assigned to one of five Building Services Managers (BSMs), each of whom is responsible for a variety of buildings. The BSMs are also key contacts for event set-ups in their respective buildings.

  • Campus Central Team:
    • Campus Safety
    • DeWitt Cultural Center
    • Durfee Hall
    • Jim & Martie Bultman Student Center
    • Phelps Residential and Dining Hall
    • Van Vleck Residential Hall
    • 20 Cottage and Apartment units
  • Campus East Team:
    • Facilities at the Athletic Fields
    • DePree Art Center
    • Dow Center
    • Jack H Miller Center for Musical Arts
    • Kruizenga Art Museum
    • Maas Center
    • Martha Miller Center
    • Richard and Helen DeVos Fieldhouse
    • 16 Cottage and Apartment units
  • Campus North Team:
    • Anderson Werkman Financial Center
    • Bekkering Admissions House
    • Dykstra Residential Hall
    • Gilmore Residential Hall
    • Keppel House for Campus Ministries
    • Knickerbocker Theater
    • Lubbers Hall
    • Plaza East
    • President's House
    • Voorhees Residential Hall
    • 41 Cottage and Apartment units
  • Campus South Team:
    • Kollen Residential Hall
    • Lichty Residential Hall
    • Scott Residential Hall
    • Transportation Garage
    • Wyckoff Residential Hall
    • 68 Cottage and Apartment units
  • Campus West Team:
    • A. Paul Schaap Science Center
    • Cook Residential Hall
    • Dimnent Memorial Chapel
    • Graves Hall
    • Theil Research Center
    • Van Wylen Library
    • Van Zoeren Hall
    • VanderWerf Hall
    • 44 Cottage and Apartment units
Campus Services
The Campus Services staff are very busy members of the Physical Plant. Their responsibilities include maintaining the warehouse, keeping inventory and delivering campus supplies, along with minor repair of college furniture. They also coordinate delivery and pickup of items used for special events throughout the year.
The grounds team is commissioned to care for the abundant landscaping features of Hope College: turf, shrubs, flowers and trees. They work extremely hard to keep our award-winning campus looking beautiful and welcoming all year. The team is also responsible for snow and ice removal from all walks and parking lots on campus. 
Office Staff

The office staff at the Physical Plant is here to answer your questions, process your service requests and keep you informed of the work being done on campus. We keep a keen eye on daily building schedules, event plans, contractors’ activities and supply needs. In addition, the Project Team develops, estimates, schedules and manages a wide variety of remodeling projects all year long. We are a key resource to our maintenance, custodial, campus service and grounds teams, assisting in their efforts to keep our campus running smoothly.

Event Resources

The Custodial Teams and Campus Services Group provide resources for your event through the instructions prepared in EMS (Event Management System). Start by using Virtual EMS to reserve space, then connect with the Events and Conferences Office to get all the details worked out. Student organizations must have events approved through a sponsoring department in order to request resources (tables, chairs, trash bins, etc.). All Hope College property MUST remain on campus.

Cleaning Products and Other Supplies

The Physical Plant provides cleaning supplies, trash bags, vacuum cleaner bags and belts, snow shovels and sidewalk salt to the cottages and apartments. More details can be found on the Common Sense page.