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Resources and Services

Your need for career support, educational opportunities and staying connected to the college continues long after leaving campus. The Alumni Association offers programs and opportunities that encourage and support Hope graduates as partners, advocates and investors.

Alumni Directory
Explore the Alumni Directory at connection.hope.edu. Questions? Please contact us at 616.395.7250 or alumni@hope.edu, and we will be happy to help you.
Career Center
The Alumni Association partners with the Boerigter Center for Calling and Career to provide career planning, résumé building, networking opportunities and job postings for alumni. Learn more.
The Hope College Connection
The Hope College Connection is an innovative online community for calling and career that brings together students, alumni and families for mentoring and experiential learning. You can tap into the power of the Hope network with smart-matching algorithms to identify new connections as you navigate your career.
Dow Center Discount
Alumni are offered a discounted rate at the Dow Center.
Tuition Discount
As a Hope alum, you’re eligible for a 25% discount on tuition for regular semester and summer courses, both on-campus and online. To enroll, complete the Single Term Enrollment Form, and information regarding course registration will be sent to you. If you have questions, please contact the Registrar.
Global Travel Program
The Global Travel Program incorporates learning through exploring history, culture, art and language on international trips with Hope faculty experts.
Events and Lectures
If you’re living in — or just visiting — the Holland area, you’re invited to attend events and lectures that take place on campus throughout the year.
Library Access
Hope graduates also maintain their access to the VanWylen and Western Seminary Theological libraries. The alumni library card entitles alumni to:
  • Use of the materials at Van Wylen Library and the Western Theological Seminary Cook Library
  • Use of the MeL (Michigan Electronic Library) Catalog to obtain material from participating MeL libraries throughout the state
A library card does not entitle alumni to:
  • Off campus access to subscription online databases
  • InterLibrary Loan privileges
To receive an alumni library card, an alumnus must:
  • Be a current Michigan resident
  • Present a valid government issue ID at the time they come to the library to receive their library card
  • Submit a “Fee Exempt Library Card” application in person
For more information, please contact the VanWylen Library at 616-395-7905.
Learning Opportunities
There are many ways to continue learning with Hope. Take a class, attend a summer camp, explore resources for senior professionals and learn about other opportunities. Read more.
Alumni Data Request

If you volunteer for Hope or are a member of the faculty or staff and need information about Hope Alumni, please submit an Alumni Data Request.

This service is intended for Hope faculty, staff and volunteers only. If you are a Hope graduate looking to connect with other alumni, we offer the The Hope College Connection and a variety of other social networks to assist you. Please contact us at 616.395.7250 or alumni@hope.edu.