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The Dow Center is not accepting new community memberships at this time.

Those seeking new alumni, H-Club, senior and seminary memberships are welcome to set up a meeting with the Dow Center office manager to inquire or join as a new member. To set up a meeting time please either email dowcenter@hope.edu or call 616.395.7690.

Become A Member

If you qualifiy for a Dow Membership you will need to complete a membership application, and then you will be informed of the steps that need to be taken to gain entry now that the building has card access. After signing up, new members (and anyone in their family, i.e., spouse or children 13–23) will need to take their new member approval sheet to Campus Safety for new IDs (pre-pandemic key fobs no longer gain members entry). 


  • Use only the northwest door (facing 13th Street) for entrance.
  • You will use your ID both to gain entry into the building (which is now locked at all times) and to check in at the door guard station. If you lose your ID, the cost is $20 and you will need to replace it at Campus Safety.
  • There are currently no guest passes for the Dow Center.
  • Hope College events, teams and classes have first priority for building usage.
  • Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times.


Annual Community Membership
not accepting new community memberships at this time
(Primary Member)
Single Alumnus
(Primary member)
First additional member $100*
Every other additional member
(Under age 19)
Senior Citizen single
(Age 65+)
Senior Citizen Couple
(Age 65+)

*Full-time college students under the age of 23 qualify for this rate

Annual Seminary Membership
(Primary Member)
First Additional Member $65*
Every Other Additional Member
(Under age 19)

* Spouse and full-time college students under the age of 23 qualify for this rate

Dow Center Services

Dow Center members are able to store items during their stay at their own risk and with a lock of their own. We ask that you let the Dow Office know the locker number you have chosen.  Daily locker use is also permitted. Members who leave items in the locker room unlocked do so at their own risk. We will deep clean lockers over our college breaks.

The Dow Center has discontinued our offering of service clothing items. 

The Dow Center is now offering one free towel to each student and member when they use the Dow. You will turn in your ID at the Equipment Room to receive your towel, and will receive your ID back when the towel is returned. You may choose either a small blue towel for your workout, or a larger white one for showering.