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Endowed Scholarships

You can make a difference! Establish an endowed named scholarship today.

Giving Options

  • Option A: Outright Gift — Minimum gift of $25,000 to the college
  • Option B: Estate Plan — Minimum bequest of $25,000
  • Option C: Fund your scholarship over five years — Minimum pledge of $25,000

If you chose option B or C you can make an immediate impact and receive a named student the following academic year with our Immediate Impact Scholarship.

Immediate Impact Scholarship

Create a yearly scholarship while you build up an endowment to support the scholarship in perpetuity. If you wish to fund your scholarship over several years you do not need to wait until your pledge is paid to experience a relationship with a scholarship recipient.

Example: Make a gift of $6,000 per year for five years: $5,000 to the endowed fund, $1,000 to the immediate impact fund to be awarded in the next academic year. Each year this annual gift is made, a student will receive your scholarship. At the end of five years, this results in a $25,000 endowed scholarship that provides scholarships in perpetuity.

Estate Plans

A donor who includes a Hope scholarship in their estate plans with a gift agreement can use the immediate impact to fund student scholarships every year — starting now. Make an annual gift of at least $1,000 per year to your scholarship’s expendable fund and a student will be named to your scholarship each year.

Endowment OptionsWe are happy to answer your questions about establishing a named scholarship fund at Hope College. Once you decide to create a scholarship, a development professional from Hope College will guide you through the process, discuss options that fit your situation and work closely with you to help define the features of your scholarship. Contact us at 616.395.7775 or development@hope.edu.