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Donate Books and Media

Van Wylen Library welcomes donations that complement and expand the existing collection.

Gifts for the circulating collection should support the curriculum of the college and generally follow the criteria for selection stated in the Collection Development Policy. Gifts are also the primary source of items for the Rare Books, Heritage collections.

Please print out and submit a Donation Form with all gifts, no matter how small.

We do not accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Outdated material
  • Items in poor condition (including over marking or material that has been underlined)
  • Materials already in the collection
  • Paperback novels
  • Popular general interest magazines
  • Academic journals unless they fill a gap in the collection
  • Modern Bibles published after 1900 unless of unusual quality
  • Music scores that are accessible electronically
  • Vinyl records
  • VHS or cassette tapes
  • The Hope College Library does not accept gifts simply for the purpose of resale or other disposal

The library reserves the right to review gifts to ensure that they are suitable for the collection and retains the right to refuse gifts that do not meet the needs of the collection or the curriculum.

“To insure [sic] maximum accessibility of library resources, restrictions regarding shelving access, or processing of gifts are not normally accepted. Once accepted, gift materials become the property of the college. The library reserves the right to dispose of gift materials in whatever manner best serves the interest of the college and the library. This means that unless otherwise arranged with the donor, and confirmed by the library in writing, books will be added to the collection, sold, or otherwise disposed of as appropriate.” (Adapted from: Oberlin College Policy on Accepting Gifts)


Contact Todd Wiebe, Interim Dean of Libraries.

(Last revised October 2020.)