The college presented awards to multiple members of the faculty during the annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday, Jan. 7.  Pictured with Provost Cady Short-Thompson are (beginning second from the left): Nancy Kamstra, Jeffrey Johnson, Carla Kaminski, Paul DeYoung, Jianhua Li and Lauren Hearit.

Hope College honored faculty and staff members for service to the college and other professional activity during the annual faculty recognition event coordinated by the Provost’s Office and held at the Maas Center auditorium on Tuesday, Jan. 7.

The event included a program during which the college presented awards to members of the faculty or staff; honored professors for service anniversaries at Hope; and welcomed back faculty who had been on fall sabbaticals.  In addition, the Provost’s Office will be featuring online a listing of those with other notable professional activity during the past year, including book publications, creative performances and exhibitions, honors and awards, completing doctorates or other terminal degrees, leadership roles in professional associations, athletic championships and external grants.

Named a Towsley Research Scholar was Lauren Hearit (communication), with support also presented to semi-finalists Angela Carpenter (religion) and Christopher Turlington (chemistry).  The Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Jeffrey Johnson (chemistry). The Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Award was presented to Paul DeYoung (physics).  The Provost’s Award for Service to the Academic Program was presented to Carla Kaminski (Van Wylen Library). The Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award was presented to Jianhua Li (biology).  The Excellence in Advising Award was presented to Nancy Kamstra (kinesiology). Descriptions of the awards follow at the end of this document.

The college honored 16 members of the faculty for five-year service anniversaries beginning at two decades and through 35 years for a total of 410 combined years of service:

35 Years (1985)
Nancy Cook (education)
Paul DeYoung (physics)
30 Years (1990)
Sylvia Kallemeyn (world languages and cultures)
Huw Lewis (music)
25 Years (1995)
Virginia McDonough-Stukey (biology)
Jeff Tyler (religion)
20 Years (2000)
Wayne Brouwer (religion)
Rhoda Burton (English)
Leah Chase (biology)
Natalie Dykstra (English)
Fred Johnson (history)
Ryan McFall (computer science)
Bill Pannapacker (English)
Jeanne Petit (history)
Leigh Sears (kinesiology)
Joseph Stukey (biology)

The 11 faculty welcomed back following fall sabbaticals were:

Miguel Abrahantes (engineering)
Melissa Bouws (nursing)
Emilie Dykstra Goris (nursing)
ennis Feaster (social work)
Stephen Hemenway (English)
Mary Inman (psychology)
Marty LaBarge (accounting)
John Lunn (economics)
Bruce McCombs (art)
David O’Brien (Van Wylen Library)
Bill Pannapacker (English) 

The online listing of all of the recognition is available on the Provost Office’s website.

The Towsley Research Scholars Program is funded through an endowment made possible through a grant from the Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation of Midland.  The award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated teaching excellence and present a promising plan for development of a long-term research program. The foundation’s awards to the college through the years have also included grants for the construction of the Van Wylen Library and the Schaap Science Center, faculty development in the pre-medical sciences and support for an endowed chair in communication.

The Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Award is presented to faculty members who have been teaching at Hope for at least seven years and who have demonstrated recognizable excellence in specific activities or aspects of teaching. The award is named in memory of Dr. Janet Andersen, a professor of mathematics at Hope who died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2005.

The Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Award recognizes members of the Hope faculty who are superior teachers who also contribute significantly in some other area of professional life, examples including as a research scholar, a guide in student activities, an administrator or a representative of the college in the community. The award was established in memory of Dr. Ruth Yzenbaard Reed, a 1965 Hope graduate who was associate dean of Macomb Community College. Reed died in August 1999 at age 55.

The Provost’s Award for Service to the Academic Program is presented to individuals who serve the academic program in special ways and enable others to accomplish their work with excellence.

The Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award is presented to individuals who exhibit the intercultural courage exemplified by Motoichiro Oghimi, a member of the college’s Class of 1879 who came from Japan as one of Hope’s first international students.  It is given to faculty or academic staff members who exemplify deep engagement with the part of the college’s mission that calls for preparing students for leadership and service in a global society; bold risk-taking in creating new ways and opportunities to help students engage with other people, places and cultures; and engagement in global initiatives that go above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

The Excellence in Advising Award celebrates the investment and dedication that advisors devote to their advisees.  Considerations include the recipient’s work helping student self-understanding of strengths, interests, and the exploration of academic and professional goals; academic planning including class registration, monitoring academic requirements and encouraging well-informed decision making; and seeing the big picture, offering personal feedback and advice.