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About Awakening

The Awakening Institute develops students’ artistic gifts for use in worship, deepens their passion for God, and awakens their heart to glimpse a vision of their own leadership in the church.

Students worshiping at AwakeningMission

Building Emerging Worship Leaders


Where God’s Spirit meets with a group of people in such a profound way that it opens their eyes to God’s activity in the world, renews and gives vision to their sense of purpose and calling, and marks their lives forever.   

Where our students come from

The first five years of Awakening have hosted 180 individual students from the states of California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin.

Map of states that Awakening students come from

Awakening will:

  1. Nurture students’ gifts (music, dance, theatre, art, tech, etc) by providing a context (corporate worship & all of life) to use their gifts to glorify God and edify the bride of Christ.
  2. Cultivate students’ passion for God by helping them realize their love for God and how he wants us to continue to grow, cultivate, prune and harvest our passion for his kingdom. Feeding our souls helps each of us in horizontal as well as vertical relationships.
  3. Awaken students’ callings as they begin to see their gifts and passions in the context of God’s huge kingdom and how each of them is going to serve, love and live for the health and growth of something so big and beyond each individual.
Experience a wide range of worship styles and practices each morning and evening, led by Hope students and faculty with help from special guests.
Think deeper about worship, theology, and the arts. Gain practical skills in worship leadership through workshops and break-out sessions that tap into your interests and talents.
The whole week culminates in Thursday’s worship experience. Plan and lead a worship service with your team, and worship with friends who have done the same.
Each evening will feature showcase events at different locations, area ministries and the closing Festival of Worship on Thursday.
Trace God’s story in your life. You will have time to reflect on readings and spiritual practices in your personal devotional time each morning and evening and in small groups throughout the week.
Worship on the beach of Lake Michigan. Walk a forested trailway. Spend time downtown. Engage with the Hope College campus. Develop new relationships with those you meet and build into peers you may be attending with.

Several Awakening students laughing together