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Safety Tips

Always Lock Your Doors
An open door is an invitation for thieves, whether it's your vehicle or dorm room.


Keep your doors locked and do not keep your keys inside your vehicle. Take your personal belongings with you and do not leave them in plain sight in your car. Vehicle break-ins happen around Holland, including on our campus.

Dorm Room

Keep your doors locked. It's easy to keep your dorm room propped open, to not use your key and for friends who stop in for a visit. But this is a great way for items like cell phone and laptops to be stolen.
Safety in Numbers
Refrain from walking alone at night. There is always safety in numbers. If you find yourself needing to walk back to your dorm, apartment or cottage and you don't feel safe, utilize the Hope College Campus Shuttle or call Campus Safety. 
Always Keep Emergency Contacts in Your Phone
Keep important numbers programmed into your cell phone. Keep family, friends and Campus Safety numbers handy. We are open 24 hours so if you ever need a late night ride, or even someone to talk to while you're walking in an area you don't feel comfortable, give us a call.
Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
Familiarize yourself with the campus. Make sure that you're aware of your current surroundings when you're walking around outside. Even if you have headphones on or you're talking to a friend, keep your eyes open to unusual activity.
Safety Escorts

Campus Safety offers safety escorts for any student, faculty or staff member who may feel concerned or uneasy about walking through campus. You may call Campus Safety at 616.395.7770, and an officer will be dispatched to your location and bring you to where you need to be on-campus. 

Campus Shuttle

The Hope College Campus Shuttle operates nightly, except during breaks.
Hours of operation

  • Daily 6–11 p.m.  

Each stop number corresponds with the approximate time the shuttle will be there (e.g., the shuttle goes to stop 8 at :08, :18, :28, :38, and :48 each hour). Please see the campus map and check "Shuttle Stops" for a complete list of each stop and stop times, approximately +/- 1 minute.

More information about the Campus Shuttle 

Consider Taking a Self Defense Class

If you’re interested in setting up a self-defense class or learning more about it, contact Officer Everse.

Lock Your Bikes

An unlocked bike is an invitation for someone to take it! Even if you feel you're leaving  your bike in a safe area, make sure to lock your bike.

Lock your bike in a well-lit, highly visible area and lock it to a bike rack. Cable bike locks are easily cut; U-Locks and chain locks are recommended.

  • ULock
  • Chain Lock

There's a right way and a wrong way when it comes to locking your bike.

Tips on how to efficiently lock and secure a bicycle

If You See Something, Say Something

If you see something that just doesn't feel right, call us. Even if you're not quite sure that it's necessary, err on the side of caution and call. Our dispatchers will take your information and make sure that your call is handled appropriately. This could involve passing the information along to another department, sending an officer to take a report or getting in touch with Holland Public Safety.

Sometimes when we think it's just something small, it may actually be a small part of something bigger. If we aren't made aware of the situation, we can't help.

We're open 24/7/365 and our dispatchers are always available to answer your call.

Sign Up For Emergency Text Alerts

Hope College uses RAVE, a mass emergency notification system, to notify students, faculty and staff of severe weather or emergency situations. These messages will be sent as a text and email, and will also be shown on digital signage on campus. RAVE messages are be sent in the event of:

  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  • Tornado Watch
  • Tornado Warning
  • Emergency on Campus
  • Other emergencies as required by the Clery Act

In the event of tornado warning or an emergency on campus when it is required to shelter in place, an all clear message will also be sent to notify when it is safe.

Use plus.hope.edu to set up the phone number that you want these messages to be sent to. They'll be sent to the contact that you designate as "self."

Opt in for emergency notifications