/ Transportation Services

On-Campus Evening Shuttle

The evening shuttle is a safe, free service for students that operates every evening during the academic year.


  • Monday–Sunday, 6–11 p.m.

*The shuttle does not operate during college breaks.

Shuttle stops

The shuttle follows a set counter-clockwise route around core campus. Each shuttle stop corresponds with the approximate time the shuttle will arrive. That is, the shuttle will arrive at Stop #8 at :08, :18, :28, :38 and :48 each hour (+/- 1 minute).  The driver will take a break the last 10 minutes of each hour. The shuttle will then resume at the top of the hour.

Shuttle route mapThe route map is also shown on each of the shuttle stop signs.

After hours

A Campus Safety officer is available to provide escorts for students when safety is a concern. Call Campus Safety at 616.395.7770 to request a safety escort. Students should remain safely inside a building or vehicle until the officer arrives.