/ Campus Safety

ID Photo Policy

Use of Hope-issued photo IDs is strictly internal and limited to plus.hope.edu and Moodle. Neither faculty and staff nor students may use the photos (or copies) on a website or other publicly-accessible location. Printing and posting the photos in a public location is also prohibited.

For students, only ID photos will be used. For faculty and staff, the online directory photo will be used where available, otherwise the ID photo will be used. Alternate or user-uploaded photos will not be permitted in either Moodle or plus.hope.edu.

Photos for public use will continue to be available from Public Affairs and Marketing.

Opting Out

Any user (student, faculty or staff) has the option of requesting that his or her photo not be included. A request form is available in the Registrar's Office.

The photos in plus.hope.edu and Moodle will be the same. Opting-out will remove photo from both locations.

Using Photo IDs on Plus.hope.edu

Students do not have access to photos in plus.hope.edu. The ability to view photos is limited to the following groups:

  • Instructors can see photos only for those students enrolled in his or her courses
  • Academic advisors can see photos of their advisees as required for advising responsibilities

Photos are available by clicking on a particular student's name in the class listing. There is no way to display all photos on a single page.

Using Photo IDs on Moodle

Photos are available to both the instructor and all students enrolled in a particular class. They appear anywhere a student's name is listed (class list, forum postings, etc.). An instructor or student can only see photos for classes in which he or she is enrolled.

Moodle cannot be configured to prevent a user from changing his or her photo. Because of this, one is able to temporarily upload an alternate photo. However, at specified times throughout the day the system will automatically discard any such modifications and revert to the official photo.

To ensure privacy, an enrollment key is required for all Moodle courses. CIT will provide this key upon course creation.