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Academic Services

Every disability uniquely impacts learning, so accommodations are tailored to each individual. 

Academic accommodations ensure you have equal access to course materials in a format that makes the most sense for you. Appropriate accommodations vary for each student, but possible accommodations may include:

  • Alternative communication.
  • Note taking assistance.
  • Readers/scribes for tests.
  • Testing accommodations.
  • Texts in alternative formats.

Testing-specific accommodations enable you to be evaluated based on what you know, not on the effects of your disability. 

But that's not all! Additional resources provided by our staff or the Academic Success Center may include: 

  • Academic coaching on topics such as time management, organizational strategies, test taking strategies or study skills.
  • Peer tutors are available in most 100 and 200 level courses.


Test proctoring is provided Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you are new to the process or if you have questions about how to take an exam at the ASC, please email us. Otherwise, you know the drill: 

  1. Be sure you have registered with our office by completing a Request for Accommodations form and have met with Jeanne or Carrie.
  2. We will send an email to your professors verifying you are registered with DAR and to identify the accommodations that are approved.
  3. Meet with each of your professors to discuss your learning needs and obtain their signature on the Faculty Notification Form (aka "White Sheet"). Completion of the form verifies that professors know you are registered with DAR and will be using testing accommodations.
  4. Turn in the completed White Sheet. (White faculty notification forms will be discontinued fall 2018.)
  5. For each exam you will schedule in our office, complete a Request for Testing Accommodations form (aka "Pink Sheet"). This can be done by picking up a paper copy from the ASC, downloading from the website, or online
  6. If you use the paper form, your professor must complete the section for special instructions for proctoring the exam before you turn in the Pink Sheet to the ASC. Online submissions will be completed electronically by your professors. 
  7. You will know you are scheduled for the exam when you receive a Google invite. 

A few more things to note:

  • Tests are scheduled at the same time and same day as the class. Tests are only rescheduled for another time if there is a conflict with another class.
  • Standard extended time is time and a half of what the class has to take the exam.
  • The ASC is unable to proctor unlimited time tests.
  • Tests are scheduled 3 school business days in advance. We cannot guarantee proctoring and/or space is available for tests scheduled late.


Need to request your textbooks in an alternative format? Just follow these steps and contact us with any questions.

  1. Be sure you have registered with our office by completing a Request for Accommodations form and have met with Jeanne or Carrie.
  2. When you meet with Jeanne or Carrie, we will assist you to obtain a Bookshare membership. Memberships are free for students with qualifying disabilities.
  3. Verification that a student is eligible for electronic texts will be sent to the bookstore. Students then work directly with the bookstore to get the texts they need.