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Academic Services

Every disability uniquely impacts learning, so accommodations are tailored to each individual. 

Types of Accommodations

Academic accommodations reduce or eliminate barriers to ensure you have equal access and opportunity to learn and participate in educational programs. This is accomplished with modifications, adjustments, auxilary aids and/or services with the sole purpose of of providing equal opportunity to the educational process. It is useful to think about accommodations as adjustments to the way things are typically done. Appropriate accommodations vary for each student, but possible accommodations may include:

  • Changes to the classroom environment or task that permit a student with a disability to participdate in the educational process
  • Modifications to policies, practices, or procedures (e.g., reduced courseload, testing accommodations, etc.)
  • Provision of accessible instructional materials may include written or spoken communication including electronic text, braille, text enlargement, captions and CPRINT/CART, etc.
  • Other adaptations or modifications that enable a student to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the college's programs, services and activities

*Information on specific accommodations coming soon. 

But that's not all! Our staff is available to meet with you to identify and problem solve disability related barriers you may experience during the transition to college, from a change in disability status to promoting successful learning. You can choose to meet with us once or on a regular basis. Sessions might focus on: