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Students bring life to the Events and Conferences Office. If you like to work hard and play hard, all while developing relationships and expanding your skill set, then this is the place for you!

The Events and Conferences Office provides an opportunity for students to work closely with our dedicated full-time staff in the behind-the-scenes work for many of the events at Hope College, ranging from performances to concerts to lectures to sporting events. There's something here for everyone — whether you want to sell and collect tickets, provide sound and video assistance, create the posters for arts and athletic events or stick around during the summer as a housing assistant or conference coordinator, we want to help you succeed. You're not just a student worker here; you are part of our team, and we want to see you grow and leave the office better than when you came in.

“I repeatedly tell everyone that this job and these people are my safe place. Every single person that works in this office is loved and respected, and it creates a community that I honestly don't think can be found anywhere else on campus. One of the best decisions I've made in college was to put my application in here.”  —Rachel Blough ’18

  • A group of students, warmly dressed in orange and blue Hope College winter hats and scarves, smile and pose together outdoors at night. They are adorned with colorful holiday lights and appear to be enjoying a festive event.
  • A group of students, part of the Hope College Events and Conferences Office team, pose together inside a large gymnasium with empty bleachers in the background and an American flag hanging from the ceiling. They are all wearing matching uniforms and smiling at the camera.
  • A student with long blonde hair, wearing a black and white striped sweater, sits at a desk working on a computer in the Hope College Events and Conferences Office. The office is decorated with colorful folders and notes on the wall, and another computer and phone are visible on a nearby desk.
  • A group of six students standing closely together and smiling inside an event venue at Hope College. They appear to be part of the Events and Conferences Office team. The venue has rows of seats and event banners hanging from the ceiling in the background.
  • Five students are seated around a table in an office, working on laptops and handling various documents and boxes. They appear to be engaged in a collaborative task.
  • A group of nine students, dressed in winter attire and holiday-themed hats, stand together in a sports arena at Hope College. They are smiling and appear to be part of the Events and Conferences Office team. The background shows a scoreboard and empty bleachers.
  • Two students are outdoors, smiling and laughing. One student is carrying the other in their arms. They are standing in a parking lot with cars and trees in the background.
  • Two female students working at the Events and Conferences Office at Hope College. One student, wearing a pink jacket, is on the phone while the other student, wearing a Hope College sweatshirt, is pointing at the computer screen. A decorated pumpkin with the Hope College logo sits on the desk along with various office supplies and papers.
  • Five smiling students, three women and two men, stand closely together in front of the Events and Conferences Office at Hope College. They are posing for a group selfie, looking happy and engaged.


Event Staff team members are the hands and feet of creating successful shows and events. They are responsible for set-up and tear-down for each event and are the friendly faces you see as ushers, ticket takers, door guards and greeters. There are opportunities for involvement with subgroups focusing on New Crew (a kids program), fan enhancement, promotion and publicity, season ticket holder services and more. Contact Mike Howes to learn more.
Ticket staff members communicate with customers about events and sell tickets by phone and in-person at our main Ticket Office in the Anderson-Werkman Financial Center and at every event. These students also also serve as Event Staff members. Contact Mike Howes to learn more.
The Event Technical Staff provides lighting, sound and presentation support to most of Hope's campus. They are responsible for technical support in major campus venues, and also provide presentation support for campus events and guests. Skills for technical staff include live audio set up and mixing, as well as lighting for theater, dance and concerts. They may also provide support for video presentations and playbacks. Contact Ben Oegema to learn more.
Graphic Designers are asked to work on a variety of publications for arts and athletic events, including posters, brochures, postcards, email images, online graphics and large banners. Experience in InDesign and Photoshop is preferred, along with other software and online programs. Publicity students focus on writing over 70 press releases, along with other writing materials for the college. Contact Theresa Bravata to learn more.
Housing Assistants support the Events and Conferences Office during the summer conference season by assisting guests with a variety of needs in the residence halls including lock-out assistance, creating and maintaining bulletin boards, assisting in monitoring safety and security, and more. Each student receives a single room in their assigned residence hall. Night and weekend work are required, as well as being there overnight when guests are in your building. For more information and to apply, contact Chad Carlson.