Frost Center for Data and Research is a social science research center at Hope College.

In addition to Hope data and research, we utilize faculty expertise, student researchers and our professional staff to conduct community-based research with non-profit, for-profit and government organizations. Frost Center is home to Institutional Research, data stewardship and assessment for student learning.

Frost Center is named for Dr. Carl Frost, a leader in applied social science research.

Frost Center History
In the late 1980s and beginning with a gift from the Herman Miller Company, then-President Jacobson proposed an opportunity to strengthen undergraduate social science research at Hope College. This research center would be named for Dr. Carl Frost, a leader in applied social science research known for his work with the Scanlon Plan Associates and participatory management. CEOs of several West Michigan companies, Scanlon Plan members with whom Dr. Frost had worked with, provided their financial support in recognition of the importance of Dr. Frost's work in their businesses and support of undergraduate organizational research in the profit and non-profit sectors. Frost Center for Social Science Research began operations in September of 1990.
Dr. Carl Frost
Dr. Carl Frost was a leader in organizational psychology and during his academic career was affilitatied with MIT and Michigan State University. His role at MSU was teaching organizational psychology and providing extension services to rapidly expanding Michigan industries. He did this by bringing his students into the field as he worked with companies in West Michigan. Dr. Frost developed and used the Frost/Scanlon approach. D.J. DePree, the founder of Herman Miller, and CEOs of other major West Michigan corporations were proponents of Dr. Frost's work and approach to participatory management. The Frost/Scanlon EPIC Principles (Equity, Participation, Identity, and Competence) and their associated processes formed the basis of creating better workplaces.