/ Hope Academy of Senior Professionals (HASP)


HASP governance includes the Board of Directors as well as permanent and standing committees. 

HASP 2020 Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The makeup of the board includes:

  • Six at-large members elected by HASP membership for three-year terms on a rotating basis
  • The president, vice-president, HASP director, treasurer and the chairpersons of the six standing committees are ex officio voting members while holding office
  • Two persons from the Hope College faculty and staff, appointed annually by the President of Hope College, are voting members

The board meets four times a year and on special call. The board is vested with leadership in establishing policies and instituting programs "responsive to the wishes and needs of the members."

Officers and Board Members, Fiscal Year 2021–2022

Position Name Email
President Barbara Stegink bstegink39@gmail.com
Vice President Brad Bright bradfordlbright@gmail.com
Treasurer Don Cowie djcowie@sbcglobal.net 
At large 2024 Kim Buckley kimcbuckley@gmail.com
At large 2024 Carol Crawford ckacz53@gmail.com
At large 2023 Diana Nelson diananelson41@gmail.com
At large 2023 Susan Couch couch.sm@gmail.com
At large 2022 Ron Gerow rjg64@charter.net
At large 2022 David Blatt deblatt@aol.com
Curriculum Sharon Arendshorst snarendshorst@gmail.com
Membership Doug Walvoord dougwalvoord@gmail.com
Monthly Program Claudia Berry jcberry@sirus.com
Service Gloria Goodwin gagoodwi@yahoo.com
Special Events Alyce Doss agdoss@comcast.net
College Liaison Dr. Fred Johnson johnson@hope.edu
College Liaison Josh Bishop bishopj@hope.edu

Permanent Committees

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the HASP president, the vice-president, the treasurer, the HASP director, and the two directors elected by the membership whose terms of office will expire at the end of that year. The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of HASP between meetings of the Board of Directors, subject to the right of the Board of Directors to ratify or nullify Executive Committee action at the next Board of Directors meeting.
Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be formed at the beginning of each HASP year. It shall consist of the HASP director, who shall serve as chairperson, the two directors elected by the membership whose terms expire at the end of that year, and three persons from the HASP membership appointed by the president.
Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee shall review the organizational operations, personnel needs and compensation for the hired staff according to the guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. The personnel committee consists of four members: the HASP president, the vice president, and the two retiring board members. The president may invite the HASP treasurer for consultation regarding budget changes.

Standing Committees

Currently six standing committees plan and direct the activities of HASP. The chairpersons are designated each year by the Executive Committee and the members are volunteers from the HASP membership. 

Communications Committee
  • To prepare and disseminate information about academy activities to the Hope College community and the general public
  • To solicit, edit and publish literary and artistic offerings by HASP members in the HASP Review
  • Communications Chair – vacant
Curriculum Committee

To conceive, initiate, promote and supervise courses, and study and discussion groups which address membership interests and needs. There are four sub-committees involved in planning curriculum:

Membership Committee
  • To help orient new members to the purposes and procedures of the academy and the privileges of membership
  • To help new members become better acquainted with their academy colleagues
  • Membership Chair (Doug Walvoord doug.walvoord@gmail.com)
Monthly Program Committee

To plan and implement programs for monthly member program meetings, assessing periodically the interests of the membership and the special capabilities of members for participating in or presenting such programs. 

Special Events Committee

To plan and administer special social, cultural, educational and recreational events each year, with the objective in part to further acquaintance and fellowship among members.

Service Committee
  • To identify, from the college and community sources, needs and opportunities to achieve intellectual, social and cultural growth among members of the Hope College and area communities.
  • To ascertain the special competencies of academy members and their readiness to be a resource to help others, especially Hope students.
  • To publicize the requests and the resources, and to facilitate converting them into actual programs of service.
  • Service Chair (Gloria Goodwin, gagoodwi@yahoo.com)