/ Hope Academy of Senior Professionals (HASP)

New Members

Interested in joining HASP? We invite you to learn more by exploring membership requirements and the new member process.

Our members, from varied backgrounds and professions, share the desire to stay intellectually active and engaged. All class participation is voluntary. No one is a stranger for long at HASP. Friendships are made easily in class and through special events. Learn more about HASP or see what's happening at HASP.


  • Be of retirement or semi-retirement status
  • Show evidence of broad, humane interest, intellectual vitality and inquisitiveness, and a willingness to contribute to the enrichment of the lives of fellow members, Hope College students, faculty and staff, and members of the surrounding community
  • Participate actively in HASP programs and classes
  • You do not have to be a Hope College alumnus in order to be a member of HASP.
Responsibilities of HASP Membership
  • Participation in HASP programs by attendance at the monthly program and annual business meetings
  • Enrollment in curricular offerings and special event offerings
  • Sharing insights and experiences in HASP programs designed to benefit members as well as others in the college and community
  • Serving on a HASP committee when asked to do so
Opportunities and Privileges of Members
  • VanWylen Library: Library privileges are extended to HASP members. Show your HASP name badge at the charge desk to receive a library card. There is no charge.
  • College Cultural Activities: Members are invited to attend special lectures, concerts and programs open to the college family as well as those open to the public. The monthly bulletin and emails from the HASP office alert members of such events.
  • Access to all course offerings and special events via enrollment/registration process.
  • Monthly program held the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Annual Business Meeting in June.


1. Attend a HASP meeting as a guest

Before applying for membership, an applicant must attend a monthly HASP meeting as a guest. The applicant should sign the guest registration list at the membership table in the lobby (and the name of the member they came with, if applicable) and receive a name tag. Guests will be introduced at the meeting from the podium by a HASP officer.

2. Obtain HASP Information Booklet
If interested in applying for membership, the applicant should obtain a HASP Information Booklet from the membership table at the monthly meeting, from the HASP office or online.
3. Complete the application form

Membership applications can be obtained from the membership table while attending a montly meeting as a guest. The completed application form, with a mentor listed (if you do not know any current HASP members, we will pair you with one to be your mentor) and check written to HASP for the proper amount of dues, should be returned to the HASP office. Annual dues for members are $100 per person. New members who join mid year, January–April, pay a pro-rated dues amount of $50. No applications will be processed April 11–June 10.  

Once these items have been received, the office will process the application and the new member will receive their membership information in the mail. The mentor will be notified of the new member’s acceptance and sent a list of their responsibilities. A date for recognition of the new member at a monthly meeting will be scheduled. New members will receive a permanent name badge that is to be worn to all HASP meetings and classes.

4. Acceptance

Membership begins on the date of acceptance. A letter of welcome from the HASP president containing a copy of the HASP Constitution, a membership directory, a course catalog, a Hope College map, current newsletter and HASP parking tag will be sent via mail.

5. Any further questions
If there are further questions, please contact HASP office staff.


The HASP fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. Dues are due and payable by July 15 of each fiscal year. Annual dues are $100 and cover the cost of operation (rent, office staff, supplies, printing, refreshments, etc.). Members joining January–April pay pro-rated dues that year.


Hope Academy of Senior Professionals is highly sensitive to the privacy interests of members and believes that the protection of those interests is one of its most significant responsibilities.  We do not share member information with any outside groups. We publish only a member directory as a courtesy to our HASP members. We expect members to adhere to the same policy. If you have questions about this policy please direct them to the HASP director at 616.395.7919.