There are numerous ways to get involved as a HASP member. Explore the member resources below and contact HASP staff if you have any questions.

Membership Renewal

HASP memberships may be renewed online each June. The office will send out the link to renew/cancel in an email. After you have completed entering your personal information, we ask you to consider getting more involved in HASP by volunteering for committee membership or course assistance. It is imperative that each member individually fills out their own information. If you still need to renew for this year, please contact the HASP office

HASP dues are $100 per fiscal year, July 1–June 30.

Sponsor a New Member
If you know someone interested in obtaining information about HASP or applying for membership, invite them to a HASP monthly program, in which attendance at one or two programs is one of the requirements before becoming a member. Please also ask them to fill out this online form.
Courses and Registration

HASP offers courses in fine arts, social studies, humanities and science/medicine/technology. View full course descriptions, presenter information, course proposals, meeting dates and times, and fees.

Monthly Newsletter

The HASP monthly newsletter is our main form of communication for member events, course offerings, opportunities to serve and get involved, as well as special announcements and updates about all aspects of the HASP program. The front page always contains the information of our next Monthly Program and the last page always contains the registration forms for special events.

Monthly Program
Monthly programs are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts on the Hope campus. Please refer to the Events and Calendar page for details. Doors open and refreshments are served at 9 a.m. and the program runs from 9:30–10:30 a.m. Potential new members are welcome at these Monthly Programs, except in June as it is our Annual Business Meeting. Please stop at the check-in table in the main lobby where you can obtain a guest name tag and additional information about HASP programs and our membership process.
Special Events
HASP offers special social, cultural, educational and recreational events each month to provide opportunities for meeting new people and to provide fellowship for members. Trips vary from day trips to overnights and the committee is always open to trip ideas submitted by members for consideration. Updates on upcoming special events are available on the HASP blog.
Small Interest Groups

Small Interest Groups (SIGs) are member-initiated and group-directed. In a large organization such as HASP, they provide opportunities for our members to meet each other to learn, explore and experience activities of a common interest.

SIGs are free to members and frequency, times, places and number of members are determined by the group. Most groups meet once a month during the HASP terms and after regular class times (late afternoons, evenings or weekends). A group can meet in homes, clubhouses available to one of the group members, public venues such as Herrick Library, or other appropriate places that might be conducive to the common interest. If a group chooses to meet in a HASP space, they may do so after regular class times by scheduling with the director of HASP. However, HASP space does not come with staff support, use of technical equipment or refreshments.

How to Begin

An idea for a SIG should be discussed with or presented in writing to the curriculum chairperson and the director, who will determine its appropriateness for HASP. A short description describing the main interest of the group and possible types of activities should be included. If an idea is supported, the convener should write and submit a short description of the proposed SIG, which will be printed in a monthly bulletin. The article should include contact information for those members interested in joining the group. The next step should be a planning meeting for all those interested when they will decide time, places, frequency of meetings and activities. One person from the group should be designated to contact members with information as to the plans.

There is no registration fee to belong to a group; however, the group may set a fee for an activity or supplies as necessary. The number of people in a group is determined by the group and may be limited, keeping in mind that one of the purposes of small groups is to help HASP members meet each other.

The content or specific interest of a group should not conflict with HASP curriculum courses or take away from the offerings and activities planned or sponsored by any of the other established committees of HASP.

For current information on SIGs open to new members please contact the HASP office at 616.395.7919 or consult the monthly bulletin.

Service Opportunities and Grants

Members are encouraged to submit HASP Service Grants requests for project(s) in which they are involved as a volunteer. Service grants are not to exceed $200 per request, per year, and the total number of grants may not exceed the $500 budget limit per fiscal year. The grants are available to members who have been members for one year or more. Members may submit more than one grant request per year but not for the same project. The service grants sub-committee and the HASP Board reserve to the right to deny any request.

The purpose of the grants is to encourage members to use their talents in service to Hope and the community, and to allow HASP to be a supporting partner in these service projects for which members are volunteers. The purpose of the grants shall be to support projects and needs as opposed to overall budgets. The project intent shall not be restricted except that a clear purpose and definition of the intended use is required.

HASP members may request a grant to pay for out-of-pocket expenses for a service project in which they are involved or which they would like to initiate as a volunteer. Service grant applications are available from the HASP office. These requests should include a brief statement describing the project, the amount of funding requested and how it will be used. All grant requests should be turned in to the HASP office, which will then forward them to the service grant committee for review. These requests may be submitted at any time, and the committee has the financial authority to approve or deny any requests.

If the grant is approved, the service grant subcommittee chair will inform the HASP director of the amount approved and the payee’s name in order to send a check. The service committee chair will apprise the HASP board of all approvals at the next scheduled meeting.

The service grant sub-committee chair shall keep a record of all the requests submitted, the status of the request, and inform the service committee chair of such for reporting at the next scheduled meeting.

The HASP member involved will submit a brief report on the project and how the grant money was spent. This report should be submitted to the service grant sub-committee chair for possible inclusion in the HASP newsletter. The grantee will also acknowledge the support of HASP in any opportunity to talk or write about the project.

Updates on upcoming service opportunites are available on the HASP blog.

HASP Review

The HASP Review is an annual anthology of writings and art submitted by HASP members that have not been published before. The intent is to keep minds active, fresh and creative. Members are encouraged to participate by submitting work to the HASP office, preferably in a Microsoft Word document, edited, along with a headshot photo and name. Prose, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs or humor are encouraged. For illustrators or artists, art can also be submitted to the HASP office - originals (which we can photograph and return to you), or high-resolution photos.

Please see additional infomation below for submission criteria.

HASP Review 2020 – Submission Criteria

For written pieces:

  1. Limit of three submissions per HASP member
  2. Only items that have not been previously published elsewhere
  3. Preferred length not more than three pages
  4. Edited for accuracy in spelling and grammar. (Articles containing spelling or grammar errors will be returned to the author with a request for correction and resubmission)
  5. Please submit electronically (MS Word preferred), 12-point font, to
  6. Please indicate with your email if it is poetry or prose (with your classification as to whether it is fiction, non-fiction, humor, memoir, etc.)
  7. Please include your name on all submitted documents
  8. If submitting an article with artwork/photograph, please send the original artwork/photo into the HASP office with your name, contact info and article it is meant to be placed with (see additional information below)
  9. Include a headshot of yourself (if this is your first submission) for final publication with the article; if one is needed, please contact the HASP office

For artwork:

  1. Please bring the original, unframed (or at least without glass) to the HASP office where we will determine the best way to either scan or photograph it (Note: framed artwork does not turn out well if covered with glass)
  2. Artwork submitted for inclusion within the Review (non-cover submissions) will be printed in gray scale so black/white/gray submissions, or color work with much contrast work best
  3. Please include documentation with your artwork that includes your name, contact info and whether you would like it to be considered for cover art, general submission or both

Submission deadline is March 30, 2020

Global Travel Program

Hope College began hosting educational tours for alumni and friends in the 1960s. The integration of education with Hope faculty and the opportunity to connect with friends from the Hope community sets our programs apart.

If you are a Hope graduate, parent, HASP member or friend of the college and have a desire to travel, learn, expand your worldview and connect with the Hope community — then our Global Travel Program is for you.

Hope College Benefits
  • VanWylen Library privileges are extended to HASP members. Show your HASP name badge at the charge desk to receive a library card. There is no charge.
  • Members are invited to attend special lectures, concerts and programs open to the college family as well as those open to the public. The monthly newsletter and emails from the HASP office alert members of such events.
  • First access to all course offerings and special events via enrollment/registration process.
  • Monthly programs, annual business meeting invitations.
  • Parking pass for all faculty/staff lots.
  • A 20% discount at the Hope Geneva bookstore with your HASP badge.
HASP Membership Directory

The HASP Membership Directory is a list of contact information for the Board of Directors, HASP staff, and members. This document is password protected.

Download the PDF

As part of the Hope College community, HASP is committed to the mission of Hope College, the virtues of public discourse and the equal opportunity and compliance policies of the college.