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Capital Funding Request

Capital Requests, Submission Process and Final Approval by Board of Trustees:

We're starting to improve and streamline our capital request process. It's a big job that will take several years, using evolutionary steps, with feedback loops along the way.

The first step is this change to a fully on-line request form. We've kept it pretty simple, with just a few fields to fill out. We ask that you make your descriptions clear and as detailed as possible. You'll see that in addition to typing the description, you can also attach documents (including pictures or spreadsheets) if that is easier or adds clarity.

We're asking that you fill out a form for each request, so we're expecting multiple requests from some of you. Since you don't have to group all of your requests together, we're also asking that you start making request submissions as soon as possible instead of typing them all in on the due date of February 20.

Once your requests are submitted, we'll be compiling them and moving them through the proper divisional hierarchies to make decisions. We may contact you for clarification or additional information during this time. We're working to make the process more timely, more transparent, and more efficient. Please review the dates and deadlines list below.

Thank you for participating in this first phase of our new process. Please feel free to contact either one of us if you have questions or suggestions.

Kara Slater x7835, slater@hope.edu
Carl Heideman x7670, heideman@hope.edu
Capital Request Process facilitators

Dates and Deadlines of Capital Approval Process

Feb 20 Deadline to submit capital requests for the upcoming fiscal year
Feb 21–June 30 Online request form is disabled
April 15 Deans receive aggregated list of their departments’ requests
April 19 Deans submit prioritized lists to Capital Committee Team
April 19–23 Capital Committee Team and Senior Administration review
April 23 Vice President of Finance submits list of approved projects to Board of Trustees
April 24–May 5 Meetings with department chairs to discuss alternate funding for unapproved requests
May 1 (Generic) email is sent to all requesters regarding next steps
May 12 Board of Trustees meeting to confirm funding and approve project list
May 15 Final Approval or Denial notification emails are sent to requesters
May 18 Capital Accounts/Fund Numbers are created; products and services ordering may begin
July 1 Form becomes available to request for next fiscal year’s capital budget