/ Program for the Academically Talented (PATH)

Application and Registration

PATH is accepting applications for the 2024–2025 school year.

Assessments will begin in March 2024. Some areas schools will work with families to determine referrals to PATH and assist with the application process. Email path@hope.edu for further information.


After a parent/guardian consultation with the PATH director, interested students applying for PATH complete an assessment. Apply for an assessment here. There is a $25 fee for the assessment. A combination of teacher, school, and/or parent referral, assessment and grade card portfolio will create the application for the student. Once all parts of the application are received, the student will be informed of their results within 7–10 business days. 


For students that qualify and choose to enroll in PATH, a $45 registration fee will be applied. 


Tuition is approximately $31 per class. There are 34 class sessions in a year, for a total cost of $1,050. Some schools or districts may cover part of the cost; it is each family's responsibility to check with their school or district and inquire about the tuition information for that current year. If you have any questions, contact PATH Director Lisa Frissora

Tuition Assistance & Payment Plans

If you need help with tuition, you may be eligible for assistance from our scholarship fund. We also offer payment plans. Contact PATH Director Lisa Frissora to discuss your options.