/ Program for the Academically Talented (PATH)

Course Offerings

PATH offers a range of classes for students within three main areas of study.

Math Year 1: Enriched Pre-Algebra

PATH Pre-Algebra is a course for 6th- and 7th-grade students who have advanced math skills and abilities. 

Content of this course covers the common course standards content of 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade math courses in a lively, active, hands-on environment.

The course is intended to ensure mastery of the core content while enriching the curriculum with advanced topics and allowing students the opportunity to actively engage in activities that will connect classroom learning to “real-life” uses of the math topics that we study.

Math Year 2: Algebra I/Algebra II

Year two of the PATH math sequence includes courses in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, completing one course each semester.

These courses cover the standard CCS content but include enrichment work that will allow students to connect book learning to the “real-world.”

Students learn to use graphing calculators as a powerful took to enhance their learning through graphing and programming.

Math Year 3: Geometry/Advanced Mathematics

Year three of the PATH math sequence includes courses in Geometry and Advanced Math.

Students now have strong algebra skills and can apply them to learning important concepts of plane and solid geometry during the first semester. Students learn to formulate mathematical proofs and derive general formulas.

As they conclude their PATH math sequence during the second semester, students move into advanced math topics of pre-calculus.

Study includes functions, trigonometry, polar coordinates, conics, exponential and logarithmic functions, explorations of discrete mathematics, and an introduction to calculus – integration and differentiation.

Compostion and Literature I and II

PATH Composition and Literature I and II provide a full language arts curriculum. It approaches the language arts through the process of writing, working from a wide range of possible topics to a final draft.

Literature is used to illustrate writing techniques and styles, and emphasis is placed on control of language, including word choice, sentence structure and figures of speech.

A workshop format with peer group evaluations is used to help students improve their writing. Oral communication is emphasized with class discussions and formal presentations.

Life Science

PATH Life Science 1 is a year-long course that covers the curriculum of a middle school life science class with the goal of preparing students for high school biology. The course will focus on teaching 7th and 8th grade students science concepts and science literacy skills with emphasis placed on critical reading and critical thinking skills. Students will also develop their ability to write accurate and in-depth lab notes and observations. Students will engage with like-minded peers in scientific exploration using the NGSS model of scientific process. 

PATH Life Science students attend class in Hope’s A. Paul Schaap Science Center once a week to engage in exploration, laboratory instruction and technology opportunities.